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I tried to end my life bc I can't seem to help him

@Sheyelo - you need to see if they have a crisis team that can come out & evaluate him.
They should be able to do an involuntary hold & transport him to the hospital if necessary. It will probably mean that the police have to transport him for safety reasons.

He really could die if left untreated. This last time my son went to the hospital, they had to clear him through medical before they took him to psychiatric. His heart rate and blood pressure were dangerously high because he was so scared - not scared of the hospital because he’s been many times, but just scared & psychotic in general.

If they don’t have a crisis team like that, call the ambulance or the police or something. Anything is better than letting him linger like this.

No judgements if you don’t - just my unasked for advice & opinion. I only see him suffering and getting worse the longer he stays there in that condition.

On the good side, I’m sure he’s not in any shape to source any drugs, so you’re getting a good idea that all his problems are not drug induced.

By the way, as long as you cancel his appt 24 hours in advance, it shouldn’t count as skipping an appointment.

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I am so sorry that this is happening to you, to all of us. I do know how you feel even though I never got to that point. Keep in mind if you die he has no one!!! Could you imagine what will happen to him then. I am starting to take better care of myself so i can live long to help him because i am all he has even though the rest of my family is very supportive to him but its not the same as a mother’s love. Many people told me to put my son in a group home I once thought if it when it started go be to much but In your case I think it’s best until you can take better care of yourself. Do your reach on a good place close to you so you can visit as often as you can maybe you should try it out for a month to see or so it might surprise you. I will pray for your family!!!


My experiences make me agree with advice above. My son finally got insight after we asked law enforcement and court involvement. We now have power of attorney over him. Don’t give up-it is miserable I know, but there is hope

I’m so sorry, you aren’t alone. I have often felt like giving up like this. I haven’t made a plan but it does cross my mind.