I was offended "not moses"

I am highly offended by your suggestion, I am not co-dependent and you do not know my situation. I have been to Hello and back. The things I have witnessed through this process with my son would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. SARDA responded that this case was extremely rare. When my son HAS people THAT are trying to kill him, drugged him and he woke up half dead, He tried to remove a chip in his neck , tortured in a dungeon, there is more but why waste good air space. Being hyper-vigilant is the least of my worries . I am working with MY HEALIOS , this is my last Post, I am deleting my information. ME=YOU DO NOT KNOW ME=OR MY RELIGION. IF and when my son contacts me I will be ready= thanks to my social worker at MY HEALIOS.


Notmoses has his own views, manytimes they are helpful, sometimes not so much. This is obviously a situation of “not so much”. Generally this is a very supportive family section and I hope you’ll stay. Don’t take the inappropriate comments of a single forum member for the entire community.