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Ideas for Work? Online Colleges?

DiedraK, what level did he test at for the languages he knows? I’ve had a 20 year career as a language professional. If he’s fluent in any of the languages he knows and has a college level vocabulary, he might be suited for translation work. In order to be considered a competent professional, he should pass the ATA exam (American Translator Association). They’re tough. People generally tend to underestimate the level it takes to interpret or translate. The most likely scenario is that he’d have to pick a language that he excels in, and then work on it a lot more. But if he can put in the effort to do it, it could be worth the effort. With an ATA accreditation he could work from home. And if he has trouble with social skills, he might be able to develop a relationship with a few agencies that understand he has an issue, and have them farm work out to him.

he dismissed the Red Cross textbook idea (dang that was a good one too!) and refused to stop watching a Korean Math tutorial on the internet when I tried to talk to him about anything else. Thank you for all the great ideas for me to refer back to. I mentioned him getting a job at the grocery store around the corner so he could get money to go to a concert he wants to see and he said he had thought about it. I will take that as a great success for now…lol

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he should pass the ATA exam (American Translator Association).
[/quote] He passed all the Spanish classes at Ohio State Univ. placement tests. They don’t have placement tests for Korean or Vietnamese and I dont; have the $ to just put him in those classes. Im going to look into this ATA exam though. Thank you:)

Sounds positive. I think this is the right approach. Focus on helping him get the things that are of value to him.

Not everybody gets sz. From smoking pot what happens is most sz do pot either from personal preference or for medicinal properties. So it seems like the pot is causing it but his underlying condition predicts his use of the drug. I hope that makes sense.

It may not be the “pot” it may be “what you dont know someone put in it” thats harmful. I