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I'm a support group leader!


I have a neorological condition, I completed training last week and I’m preparing face to face meeting schedule for my area. I’m so excited! The meetings will be on the weekend at the hospital.

I can’t begin to explain the stark contrast between the training I received, the volunteer work I’m doing. There’s no drug use discussion, no weed, no ecigs, no trolls, and we use facebook for our online support, not this discourse software.

I can’t begin to be able to explain how happier I am to get away from the Sz. It’s like removing a brick off my head. I’d recommend if possible to move your sick loved ones into their own living space so you can have the peace that I’ve found.


Great news! You sound so refreshed in sharing the news, NiceHat! I love to hear when others turn a page…as it represents hope and peace in the future when the now can often be complicated!

Blessings to you!


That’s wonderful news:)