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Im confused and Irritated!

My brother has been at a mental hospital in Augusta for about 3 weeks now. I keep in contact with his case worker. She told me Friday that he was responding well to the meds the doctor was giving him. Of course this made me hopeful and very happy. She told me my brother wanted to talk to me, so while he was in her office, they called. At first he sounded well… not so depressed, quicker than usual. Then, i could slowly tell that his delusions were still there. He said, he didnt know why he was there. He doesn’t understand that him thinking he is a king and thinking his dad is a knight isnt normal. (He also has delusions thay his body isn’t put together right) . He told me they still haven’t given him any x rays to look at his bones. He was still talking and believing these delusions. Im irritated bc his case worker said he was responding well to meds!! This is well. Did she lie to me… are they just trying to get him out of there as fast as possible?! Idk…
I havent yet talked to her again. Will soon. I have questions.

Was he worse when he first went in?
Meds will not always erase or cure this illness-just make it more bearable.
It takes a while for these meds to work. Some people have had wonderful improvement, others-not as well.
3 weeks may not be enough. Give it more time. Go for a visit so you can see for yourself.

Well, you need to talk to the case worker again and tell her what he told you. He may need longer to stabilize, and may need different meds. Maybe she just means his mood is getting better.

I can say from watching my son that it can take a lot longer then 3 weeks for delusional thinking to fall away. I like to use the metaphor that my son ‘broke his brain’ when he has a break and just like any break it takes time to heal. Expecting someone to run 3 weeks after breaking their ankle wouldn’t make sense. He has to walk first.