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In psychosis or just evolved

My son, in recent months, has become fairly calm and seems @ peace. But also in recent months, he is speaking more of God, God’s ways, “karma”, “we should treat others the way we want to be treated”, “this life is only a test, there is a better life after this for those who deserve it”, etc

He will often correct me if he thought I was being mean or angry with someone, he mentions money is the root of all evil (I have my own business and am doing well and Im happy and share that with him), and he sometimes acts like he has life all figured out, and believes he knows what kind of behaviors will send you to a “better place” after this life. He’s never mean about it, even when he corrects his older brother or others in my family. My older son just looks @ me and rolls his eyes. In short, my sz son has become somewhat righteous and judgemental, and it’s only a matter of time before a conflict starts with a family member.

Although this is what I’ve always wanted for him (to be calm and @ peace, and not angry), and I should be happy, but I can’t help but wonder if he’s not experiencing some sort of mild psychosis. We were never really a church going family, other than maybe holidays and occasional Sundays here and there, so for him to frequently spew verses from the Bible is somewhat worrisome to me.

Just not sure if he really is trying to just become a better person (he often talks about how we are all sinners and we must repent), or if it’s psychosis. It’s really hard to tell, especially since my son has always had a caring heart.

This is a tough one…

Dear @mbheart, this is a constant behaviour with our daughter since the start of szh 2.5 years ago, my husband and I are pulled up constantly and spoken to if we dare to speak unkindly of another person, treading on eggshells is the new norm for us so as not to upset her, she too has always had a caring heart and been one to help and look out for others.

I’m sure it’s part of their broken brain., we are all on a very sad journey together…

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The god phase was the scariest part for me, never turn you back to a SZ in a god phase… you might be a sinner…

They must learn to blow if off like it never happens. Takes two to fight…

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Hi mbheart,

That reminds me a lot of my husband. Here you are, having built a business that makes you happy and provides an income and your son is giving that negative criticism. I agree that it does sound like psychosis.

With me, I finally have a work situation I am happy with and I work with the public, doing my civic duty, which I have always done through additional volunteer work. But all my husband can say is, “That’s not for me.” He’s not the one working that job, but he doesn’t approve of me doing that, either, for some reason. (Maybe because the pay is especially poor?)

I would keep an eye on your son for any increasing paranoid thoughts or negative observations. I don’t remember if your son is on medication or not, but if so, perhaps it needs a tweak by the doctor? If he isn’t on medication, maybe a good talk with a therapist if he will consent to that? Don’t let it get out of hand.

I know how it is…we cling to any improvement and don’t want to think of the possibilities of life getting worse or our loved ones behaving the way they used to. I’ll be thinking of you and your family. :two_hearts:

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Very true @LifeIsHard,

He was/is doing relatively well, relatively stable (although negative symptoms still very noticeable which I attribute to Zyprexa),
but this “God talk” is alittle weird…

Hope you’re remaining strong and keeping the boundaries with your husband in place, although harder said than done. :hugs:

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My daughter is 31 and has been suffering with this over 4 years. The God issue was indeed a phase but intense-


I described the episode that led to my hospitalization as ‘being touched by the hand of God’. I went through involuntary elaborate and complex movements and made sounds akin to speaking in tongues or making animal noises. I had no other way of describing it.

My personal beliefs are very much anti-prostelgzing, feeling my own and everyone else’s beliefs and relationship to God/religion should be private outside of worship activities. These thoughts were present before the episode, and only intensified afterward.

The experiences were profound and intense, and I could see where others who didn’t share this concern might get ‘preachy’. I prefer to express religiosity publicly through acts of kindness. I have a friend who is agnostic, yet introduced me to the concept of kindness as a sacrament. I feel this can only be achieved through humility, which runs contrary to overt discussions of Karmic virtues.