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So interesting! A thorough report on the “tradegroup” system of greed in the ugliest sense of the word. My god I couldn’t read a sadder story as it unfolded in the article. Truly a wake up people shift in thinking.
Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you for sharing this. I finally read the article top to bottom. What a mess. Just a mess. And a heartbreaker. I applaud the journalists who dug for the story and wrote this all up. I learned from it.

It’s complicated to be sure, but really, the $800,000-plus salary for the CEO of Denver’s mental health center seems totally out of whack. Why would a board set that figure so high? Maybe the thinking is broken from the top down on how to provide care. But then, I do believe those who work hardest in helping others with mental illness use feelings and gut checks, plus sheer heart and perseverance, as much as they rely on thinking. Which as this article shows, can lead to endless snarls, loop holes, justifications and so on.

Didn’t see t his article. Think sometimes I’m missing part of new posts. But get the gist of it from your comments. That salary is outrageous. To be fair though it’s in keeping with what many/most states are doing. In MA the land that the former hospitals were on is being sold for to developers to convert the old buildings into condos and build million dollar homes – I asked local politicians if the money went into the mental health coffers… they just snickered…I was a SPED Director in the mid-70s. We had way more services then now. The hospitals performed a much needed service… yes, they needed to be improved etc… but state could make more money doing what they did.
Hospitals can now release people to the streets or a shelter where they could not in th e past… what does that tell you. This is a major human rights violation… not that any of the politicians would care.