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It has to run it's course


Some of us who have not been so lucky to see that our loved one is on treatment. Medication, therapy or anything to help them to gain insight and to know that they need some intervention. For me and my family the struggle continues. There is nothing We can do to see that our loved one understands that, only if they do something to change, will help them to live a better life. No one knows when one can gain insight. This illness has been a nightmare and hasn’t changed for the better for al most 4 and a half years. Some days I wonder why this is so hard to convince them to understand? Some days I wish my loved one had cancer OR bowel diseases where they would willingly opt for treatment. It looks like We have to let them fall and stop addiction and loose all control before they wake up. OR I am not sure if one doesn’t have dual diagnosis do they have insight sooner? Does the self medication makes it worse? I need answers. Any experts? Thanks


I certainly don’t consider myself an expert but my son is dual diagnosis. I don’t know if this makes a difference on insight or not. Using can trigger symptoms which isn’t good so self-medicating doesn’t help in the long run. I think it may make things harder on us the caregiver as we are fighting two conditions and each have their own set of issues. Combined they are… A pain in the butt to put it nicely.


Also, the substance abuse and MI can have similar symptoms–which to me, are worse!
my son is 37 years old. I really have no idea if he has insight or not. He has always been secretive.
This has been going on since he was 19!
He has gone off his injections since he graduated from mental health court 2 months ago. Sometimes I STILL wonder if he really has SZ because so many people in the system have asked me how long hes been using drugs...or, he seems like he has a drug problem. Right now-Im calmly ( ahem ) keeping an eye out since I think he may be decomposing somewhat.
im looking for ways to deal with this differently now if there is a crisis. He has a big wall up to anything that is suggested. I dont know what would cause insight sooner or later.
It doesn`t seem to be age-related at all.


I’ve stumbled a lot with stuff like this, does that mean something to you? I drink, excessively. And I use cannabis occasionally…I think I should begin to be mature and maybe start to attend a group. Maybe you should mention how much the self medication costs and the legality of things. Medicinal marijuana is approved in my state though. I have a multiple diagnosis, schizo/manicdepression/ptsd


Doesn`t seem to register with him. I think he lives a day to day existence.


I think sometimes I do to, does that make him a bad person though? Just for today is a great way to approach problems.


Of course it doesn`t make him a bad person.
It just throws me into a PSTD type of mood—waiting for the other shoe to drop.