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Legal Rights of Parents of Adult Child off meds - how do you keep an ex girlfriend away from adult son

how do you keep an ex girlfriend away from adult son—she’s got issues too and she carries on until her mother just drops her off at my trailer where my son is supposed to be fixing up and then majority pf time police have to be called…landlord has told police and her that she is to stay out of trailer park but she just pops up—she has she is in danger …he has been off his meds now for month can’t get him to doctor i know how to handle him but how can I AS his parent of an adult son keep that ex away from him …

Hi - that’s a really hard issue, sorry you have to deal with it. I would call the Treatment Advocacy Center and explain your situation and see if their lawyers can help you with some ideas…


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I am sorry your son is off meds and has a problem ex.

Possibly a restraining order can be gotten through the court system. I had to get one once, they are not that hard to obtain. That would be effective for some months at least, and she should not come around if she knows she would be arrested for coming close to your trailer. If she did, you could call the police and she would be arrested.

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I had to do that for my son - his bipolar girlfriend got a restraining order taken out against him but then she’d come by the house and pick him up or call him. I told him that he was not to get in the car with her but she told him it was OK. I went to an attorney who was two blocks over from the courthouse and explained that she was causing him mental harm and putting him in jeopardy. Then I went back to the courthouse and when I told the judge that we were attempting to get a restraining order against her, he asked the name of the attorney. When I told him, he said “he’s a good man”. I thought the (now ex) girlfriend would faint and we never heard from her again. Didn’t need to take the restraining order out against her but she knew we meant business and we had witnesses of her coming to our home. Best of luck! :palm_tree:

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Thank you…am looking into it

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He has actually moved a total stranger he met online in without my knowledge until after—the trailer was left to me as I am an only child and i let him stay there paying lot rent and bills trying to give him a purpose to keep him occupied…now he wants her out–I hear her screaming at him and him begging her to leave, she took his house keys, has told him some bull about his family being in danger if she has to go, blah blah but he believes her…have called police numerous times but they won’t do anything—since he broke our oringinal agreement, I am drawing a lease agreement with ALL the rules that I can get away with and then I have been trying to reach someone in our local area about mental abuse of the mentally ill but I cannot reach anyone–not only do I have a protruding hernia but now also have developed an ulcer…ITS A SHAME IT IS SO HARD TO REACH SOMEONE TO HELP HERE IN MY AREA.

See if you can find a pro bono legal service in your area. They might be able to help. If its set up in your area, dialing 211 will take you to the United Way and they may have the name of one in your area. Good luck! :palm_tree:

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I wonder if Adult Protective Services would help you?

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It is too bad that you are paying for your son’s lot rent, and the woman he moved in is taking advantage of him. Perhaps the lease agreement will do the trick, if she will agree to sign it and follow the rules, or move out because she won’t sign it. In my town, right now, landlords can’t evict tenants due to covid 19 so many renters are taking advantage and not paying even if they can pay and have jobs. Life is not always fair.

I would try Adult Protective Services. Perhaps there is a NAMI near you too (National Alliance on Mental Illness), their support is mostly volunteers who have caregiver experience.