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Medicare/Medi-Cal coverage when changing counties?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been super busy this past month since my brother moved in. He has adjusted really well and seems to be pretty stable here! He is still conserved for now, but soon they will terminate conservatorship. His current conservator doesn’t believe I’ll need to go through the process to resume conservatorship. I’m a little iffy about that since we all know how our loved ones willingness to cooperate can sometimes change on a whim. :pensive:

I have a question though. I’ve tried to pick up his medication at the local pharmacy, but his benefits are still listed with the former county. I can pick up his medication in his former county, but it’s a bit of a drive. The conservator said their office already filed a change of address form a few weeks ago. For those of you who have moved and changed counties before, how long does that generally take to go into effect? Is there anything else we’re supposed to be doing? I don’t know if we should just wait it out. We haven’t received any notifications in the mail. :confused: