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Missing daughter

About to employ a private investigator to find our daughter who has now been missing for three months. We knew she was living in a homeless shelter and were somewhat comforted by knowing she had a roof over her head and food during Covid. The shelters won’t give you confirmation of a resident but we just found out she hasn’t been there since December.
Built a webpage and hoping someone recognizes her and contacts us.


Hello- I’m sorry that your daughter has gone missing. Do you give permission for us to post on social media? I know of some Native American groups who are active in social justice and could reach out to other groups.

No I do not want to post on social media. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to retrieve those postings in the future when hopefully life is going better for the person.
I would be interested in your sending me information about those groups.

I have a silly cat account on TikTok where I post for fun. I follow some Native American groups and one or two folks follow me, but the NA community is huge and TikTok finds people. However, I understand completely about not being able to recall the postings; I will definitely keeps my eyes peeled for her on that platform.

Thanks, I appreciate your concern.