Missing schizophrenic daughter


I don’t know too much about this, but can you come up with reasons how the police would know “that she’s moved”? That could steer you to other places in that area that she could be or could have been. Is there any public record of arrest? When I spoke at length with a PI (who we never needed to hire), he told me that if the trail was hot and he thought the person was moving about frequently, he’d get another person or two to help. Either way, he’d take photos of her to places where she could have been (this is where what you know about your daughter is helpful…or could be to shelters, soup kitchens, etc… Even if she is no longer in that area, someone may remember her or know someone that she was with. You might want to contact NAMI (I presume they have state chapters out there) and they may be able to give you resources or put you in touch with someone who has PI contacts out there, although PIs will likely travel anywhere. I learned the hard way with an attorney…don’t hire someone until you have met them and you have interviewed them and still like what you hear and see. I believe they will require that you sign a contract, pay a retainer, and charge by the hour plus expenses. Keep your hope!!


They may have done a SSN check to look for work history. They were most unhelpful and will not say anything. PI was a referral from one I used in Chicago when I was looking locally for her. They have more sophisticated search methods from the first one.


Why do you think the police would be looking for her work history? If there is a chance she could have an arrest record or that the police or EMS were called (and she was released)? I suggest investigating public records in that area. Is her Missing Person report still on file? You could request the police where you reported her missing contact the police in the state where she obviously was at some point. That is their job.


Hope4us, you are a real detective. That was great advice you gave Autties. Arrest records are public and you with a full name, you see all of them.
Is it possible she could be sent to a hospital in another state? IMO I wouldn’t think that would be likely but definitely another county?


I have set up monitoring for new reports on Sara and routinely check myself using white pages premium. That’s how I found out about her fare violation in Portland and knew she was there. Recently a family member who knows someone in my local PD was able to connect me with someone who could FINALLY get her case at NamUs published. Also I’m in the process of getting her story up on missing persons of america. Having a police report number and a NamUs case number is really helping. I hired a PI in Portland a while back who put up fliers at soup kitchens, libraries, etc but nothing showed up. Unfortunately I hired another PI on the recommendation of the very first one I hired, Unfortunately I think I just got totally ripped off because they really didn’t get any new info besides what I already knew…most of it past info. I’m not rich so that really hurt. Learning the hard way like you did.

I think I may know why the police think she moved. She had a website that was updated from VA in February, however I figured out that this was just due to a sale of the prior company to Amazon and that’s where the website was updated by Amazon. Portland had NO interest in helping me. Working with my local police department (where I have a contact now), they found this on a search and thought the same thing.

It’s hard to keep the hope lately. Every lead turns into a dead end.


@Auttiesvet, you have made a great and worthy effort to continue your search for her! I’m sorry about the financial burden that seemed to be fruitless. You might think of all these things that you have learned, however, as things that have been eliminated for now, so in that sense, they ARE of benefit. If you don’t have particular inspiration for further work right now, it is OK to step back and take a break. You can know that persons turn up even after long periods of time. As you get re-inspired or gain additional information or ideas, you can take additional steps. Remain hopeful, but you cannot solve everything. You are doing what you can! Also, I pray a lot…


Based upon a response from someone on Missing Persons of America, her behavior the year before she disappeared is consistent with someone planning to go “off-grid”-to disappear without a trace. There are books telling people how to do this. She was very suspicious about the government, spying, etc. She had told her aunt she wanted to be “under the radar”. I believe she may be in a National Park somewhere. Apparently some people confronted with the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia disappear like this. I can’t force her into treatment but want to know if she is alive and safe.


I know we all hope you find her.


Search for her on Facebook. I found out what city my son was in that way.


She’s not on facebook anywhere-she’s fallen off the face of the earth, Say be using a different name and has no friends anymore that I know.

My husband and I are planning a trip next month to her last known location to see what we can find out, talk to NAMI, the police, etc. Please pray for us and for my daughter as we make our journey.


Praying your efforts are successful.


Also praying for you and your daughter to be reunited,


@Auttiesvet…I will be praying for your daughter (protection, insight into her illness, ability to seek help) and for you (discernment for any needed action, peace in the meantime). My cousin with this illness disappeared once for 7 years and then showed up. I don’t know the details, but anything is possible.


Praying The Lord protect her and give you peace while you wait. I’m so sorry :pray::pray:


It’s Almost time for us to leave to go to my daughters last known location. It is very unsettling. If by some miracle we do find her, I have no idea how to respond. The last time I saw her she had much hatred in her eyes and told me to go away. She is paranoid of all of her family but I think especially me. If any of you have any experience with dealing with this type of situation please pass it on.
On the other hand if I don’t find her, and I really don’t think that I will, I don’t know what to do next. I have no other leads. I’m so fearful that she is lost or harmed in the wilderness somewhere and then I will never ever find her. I’m not sure why am writing except for support and prayers.


Those are both good reasons for writing a post. For all the heartache they cause, we still love our family members, and we understand your need to continue in your efforts to find and help your daughter. I think if you encounter her, even if she still has bad feelings toward you, she might at some point recognize the effort you are making, and the love from which it comes. And if you don’t find her, your heart at least will know you are doing what you can.


Have you tried making a Facebook page for her with her photo and last known whereabouts? I have some friends who live in Portland. You never know if someone might recognize her.


Dear @Auttiesvet, I wish you well. I wish you comfort deep in your heart.

If you do see her and she won’t talk with you or spend time with you, that is heartbreaking, but it gives you a chance to alert local homeless shelters, hospitals, and even law enforcement that she is a loved person with family to contact should she wind up in a shelter or in need of healthcare.

Best best best to you.


You are all in our prayers. Sometimes just getting to look at our paranoid family members is all we get. I hope you at least get that much. Take care, Hope


My child (mature adult ) is just like yours. Missing 4 years. I would look and strategize geographically where you think she might be (other States etc) and call individual police departments. Facebook? Twitter? If you have her social security #, that’s how she’s tracked down. You’re lucky (very lucky) that your family recognizes and will work with you.