Missing schizophrenic daughter


We’ve had missing persons pages for her on FB, and shared by many many people, including many in Portland.


Thank you. Yes, I am lucky to have supportive family. We’ve had her checked by SSN to no avail. I’m sorry to hear that you are dealing with the same thing. I will keep you in my prayers.


Joining in with prayers for her and for all of your family. I truly believe that God is working for good for those who love Him. “Good” is not always our initial hopes and desires but is good in God’s bigger picture and we just have to trust Him for that in the journey of life. Prayer is important in that journey, especially when I trust Him for the results. Amazing things can happen! You are cared about!!


If you want share it here. I can share. I’ve also taken flyers to downtown Boulder where the homeless/kids hang out. Glad to do that as well. Boulder is a happening spot for homeless kids.


Thank you so much for offering to help. I tried to attach the flyer but can’t seem to do it from here. I tried to send it directly from my email but it bounced back. If you know how to do this I will definitely do so. You can share directly from missingpersonsofamerica.com and search for Sara Surgi.


You can upload the flyer here. When you reply click on the uparrow button. 7 in from the left on the toolbar in the reply box. There is a chat then a B, I and keep going until you get to the arrow pointing up.


I found the flyer the way you suggested.

Praying for her and for you.


I posted her missing person flyer on my Facebook page and asked others to do the same. I pray for her and your family for a safe return! Please keep us updated!


Posted to FB in CO. I’m so sorry that you have not found her. I hope us posting will help. I’ll ask folks in OR to repost.


Thanks for posting! We did not find my daughter, but several people said that they recognize her. Unfortunately, if they indeed see her, they said that it looked like she was using drugs due to scabs on her face. A A former friend of hers who lives there said that before she went missing she had visited them. She said my daughter was not in a good place and has been worried about her ever since.

I learned that the last time that my other daughter saw her she had maps of a nearby national forest. There is a homeless problem in the forest and there are public transportation lines to and from the national forest. If she is living in the woods, this would explain why she’d been seen in the city and also why she had a citation from the transit police at a station near the route to the forest.

I would never find her in the forest It’s too large and secluded. I am planning to send out an email to the forest rangers and hopefully they will tell me if they’ve seen her.

My goal is not to whisk her way against her will but to let her know that we love her and that she has a place to go.I fear she would rather die than admit she made a mistake and ask for help.

Thanks for listening.


You are closing in on her location - everything you have figured out works. Hoping you hear from the forest rangers soon.


@Auttiesvet - I know of a person living in the woods (homeless) in OR on FB. I don’t know her but I have a friend who does and I don’t know the exact area where she is. Do you want me to send the flyer to her on FB? I can do that if you would like me to.


My schizophrenic mom apparently disappeared before. multiple times. the main occasion she remembers is waking up one day in New York. everyone was calling her Brenda, her hair was black, and she says “apparently I owned an arcade” which fits with the skills she learned in college. My mom says she was stressed and so her brain switched to a different person and created this whole other life. Your daughter may just be taking the time she needs to cope on her own. She may resurface on her own one day.


I am always surprised that my son has times when he seems to be a totally different person. One time he said sadly to me, “Dad never talks to me anymore”. I felt quite sad for him. While I would always speak to him if he was okay with it, his past actions toward his dad during episodes had his dad quite afraid to speak or even look at him.


@hope Maybe his dad would be willing to write to him, or text? Those forms of communication seem like they are less threatening to both parties. Then, the response would help to judge the situation to know if more (healthy) communications are desired.



I think we are all too fearful of triggering an episode. His delusions about his dad became so severe his psychiatrist became concerned.

How is your son?


Gotcha. I just thought you were saying he seemed to miss his dad. Our son is doing wonderfully, over 2 weeks now in a residential treatment program. He is med-compliant on an injection and continuing, but diminishing frequency, ECT. But it was only 5 weeks ago that he was again briefly catatonic. So I have to remind myself that he does still have a serious brain disorder (possible neurological evaluations pending). But Invega Sustenna seems to help him wonderfully and we are hoping it continues to increase in its effectiveness and he continues to be med-compliant and gain true clarity why he needs it. I got a sweet home-made Mother’s Day card from him. That is a keeper. Thanks for asking.


That is really good news, much better than before, things can change so quickly in their worlds. Congrats on the card!


I am glad people recognize her. The scabs can also be just chronic scratching or a skin condition, but there are drug related scabs too.

Your goal is really good. If you get in contact with her, maybe you can somehow get her food, clothing (thrift stores), a sleeping bag (thrift stores), things she needs without sending money or goods that could be exchanged for drugs or alcohol.

I hope the rangers know her. If they do, there might be a way to send her a simple letter or a card with your phone numbers, email addresses, and, most importantly, a message of love.


@Auttiesvet How are things with you and with your journey? I was just re-reading this post because I had read this article published by Pete Early (I subscribe to his emails)…he’s a wonderful journalist promoting information surrounding serious mental illness. This one is about a Facebook site called Missing and Homeless, which seems to be related to the site mentioned earlier called missingpersonsofamerica.com. Here’s the article: