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Mood Swings, personality shifts

My ex boyfriend use to have these changes in personality. One week he would be sending me pictures of wedding gowns,and literally days later he would tell me I’m not good enough for him. The crazy part is we can get into the silliest argument. And he would blame me.Last time we got into it, he accused me of not knowing him, he went from wanting to sign our lease to a new home to he just wants to visit from time to time. It’s literally like night and day ,is this normal? And in a relationship does he fall out of love and back in love or is it just the shizofrenia?

It seems to me like he either isnt taking medication for his illness or needs to see his Dr regarding meds. I’m sounds like you had your hands full with him. Maybe if he sees his Dr and gets his meds adjusted, he will not have those shifts in moods.
My son who is 21 yrs old also has a difficult time with his moods. He laugh one min the next he is mad at the world. Dr. Diagnosed him with scizoeffective disorder. He is on clozopine and prozac for the depression. I hope your ex can see his dr and get the help he needs. As for you, if he isn’t willing to let you help him, take some time out for yourself.
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Hopefully his family will help him, also. You did not mention if your ex bf was taking meds. It takes an incredible person to be married to someone with SZ unless they are getting and accepting the right treatment.

Nope he is not taking meds

I just recently got him to agree to taking meds,and all of a sudden he said he wasn’t anymore…I don’t know why the sudden change . He refuses them

This is very common with SZ. That is why it takes a lot of work to really help a person with this illness.

How do I know what’s his real feelings are? How do I know what’s his delusions and what’s how he really feel?

You won’t unless he is healthy. As long as his SZ is untreated and he is showing other signs of psychosis, you can only determine what is a delusion based on what you know (e.g. facts) is true. You have referred to this man as your “ex” and yet you obviously still care for him. You have other posts that suggest you may be pregnant. His feelings for you are not as important right now as his health and yours, and that of your baby and other children. I am sorry this is so hard. Schizophrenia is a terrible illness.

Yes he is my ex. I blocked his number and blocked him on all social media . Because of the stress and the constant back and forth. I would hope for him to get help,but right now I cannot help him. I joined these groups in Hope of understanding the disease. Not for him but for me. Going through this REALLY affected me. I just wanna know more about it,and the only experience I have to go off of is my experience with him. That’s why I keep asking questions in reference to him

What you have been through is very traumatic. Perhaps reading on this Forum will help you process what you have been through, as well as what the illness can do to people, in order to be able to move on with your life.