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More Blacks Diagnosed with Schizophrenia, But Fewer are Treated

Full research paper here:

I know this is slightly off topic, but I do wish Americans of all classes and colors would stop referring to “blacks” and “whites”. They are black people and white people. I can’t help thinking that if people started referring to each other as people, it might help with the problem they are writing about. I mean, a research paper with a title that looks like something from the days of Apartheid in South Africa. I might add that when I briefly lived in Texas some years ago, I actually did feel I was living in an apartheid system. The US has had a black President, I know, so in some ways is better than my country (the UK). But I’m not excusing the UK and that doesn’t excuse this stuff. The title of the paper is offensive to a normal person.

(Not you fault Admin - it’s just a feature of US public life, media, etc, and apparently medicine which has been bugging me for several years now.)

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