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My 34 year old daughter has passed away

I agree. Private pay medical insurance does not at all equate to better care. I know of persons who hit bottom in their illness but whose lives were turned around through government-funded care.


I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter. You worked so long and so hard to get her the best treatment for her schizophrenia and went through so much.

She deserved the medical care she needed. I’m so sorry she didn’t get what she needed in time to save her life.

My heart breaks for both of you. You did everything for her that you could do.


Your daughter was so young and taken so quickly. On one hand I pray that you and your family will find peace, on the other hand I pray that you will bring awareness in your community about schizophrenia and how it can effect one’s whole health. I wish there were an official schizophrenia awareness day or walk, then people with schizophrenia and their friends and families could share experiences. It is an injustice that your daughter has died this way, but it is good that you shared this injustice with us here, maybe in time we can all do more within our own communities to support those with schizophrenia.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for letting us know and how she died. I am thankful that my daughter gets her blood pressure taken everywhere she has to go for medical attention. It angers me that your daughter was not treated the same. My prayers go to you and your family.

So sorry for the loss of your daughter. I wish I knew words to ease your pain and mollify your utterly justifiable anger. Your post will help inform others.

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Thank you so much for bringing this medical issue to attention to all in this forum. I am truly sorry for your loss. Hopefully, you are not even reading my message and are at peace as your child is no longer suffering. I have only posted one time in all of the years since I joined. For me, it’s too hard to write, but I read everything that’s posted and feel this is the only true support and path to authentic knowledge that I’ve found. Bless you for being a caring parent and especially a caring dad. For me, that speaks volumes.


Do you know what caused her schizophrenia?

Just a note…mental illness are known to most often be a result of genetics combined with an environmental trigger. It is usually difficult to pinpoint what the environmental factor was. Many of us comb our past trying to figure out what may have happened, and we often incorrectly blame ourselves. We cannot change what is in the past and we did the best we could do with what we knew at the time!