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My day treatment graduation speech about silver linings

This Friday I am going to graduate from day treatment and move down to transition care. We have a rock we have to write a word on and it gets passed around the room. Everyone says something to you and then you say some parting words. Most of the people in group are new (since I’ve been there a long time) and my counselor wants me to say something relevant to the group. I feel a lot of them don’t relate to my life or just think I’m too high functioning just because I have a part time job…
Anyways we watched Silver Linings Playbook at one point in group so I want to talk about finding my silver lining. I want to talk about how I reached my silver lining with the help of day treatment by reminding myself to live a balanced life and take care of all aspects of my wellbeing including education, emotional wellbeing, and helping others. I was encouraged to pursue the arts again and started going to art museums and realizing the love I had for my close friends and how love is the source of art. I decided to invite more new friends to my birthday party and that even lead to a paid gig passing out drug cards. I also started being proactive about my health and that lead to switching to two bad anxiety meds and a mini episode, but I found a supplement that made me better again and I’m glad I was proactive. I also switched to a new primary care clinic that is very serious about my health. When I first started treatment, I feel like I fell down and needed to get up again, and what kept me going was Women’s Support Group. The people there had jobs and families and happy attitudes and love lives and they supported me in finding my own path to becoming like that too. They gave me hope. I think I’ve come to a good place in my life again where I have friends, a rewarding part time job, and I’m getting into art again. There are still problems I have but for now life seems to be moving again. I don’t think it’s about changing one particular habit but making a concerted effort to take care of all aspects of my life that I began to see change. Recovery is a process but that silver lining will always be there. Hope the people here use day treatment as a chance to grow in your recovery.
Yeah, something like that!
I know my experiences with sz might not be like those of the people talked about on here all the time, but I hope that some of you also find resilience and silver linings in your recovery journey.


Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your story!

Thanks. Having to make sz manageable wasn’t easy and I don’t think my illness is less severe than others in group. I just have a good support system and some insight… I know some people in group just want to “get through it” and don’t think their therapy will help them. Others look depressed but seem to be on the verge of getting better again. One person went from being silent to being the one with the most friends. I went to a good private high school and they taught me to be humble, make opportunities for yourself, and pick yourself back up when life gets hard. My symptoms are probably on the severe side compared to many of my classmates so I think they have a lot of potential.

@Tukey congratulations and all the best to you. I think the biggest Silver Lining I discovered is believing that you can have and deserve a Silver Lining. Once you come to that realization, each step you take in recovery builds on itself.

Sometimes I think my recovery was a function of ignorance. No one told me what I was doing was rare or what was or wasn’t possible, and I had little contact with other people with SZ other than when I was hospitalized.

Yes I agree. I’ve met a ton of people with mental illness either online or in person so I know not everyone has the luxury of finding a silver lining. In fact I sometimes find people who are toxic because they treat themselves and others so badly. Others are good people who may have challenges to face. I’m not exactly normal. I’m a millennial but my best friend and people I tend to be around these days are college students. I dress like them and unfortunately my financial situation is like them. My silver lining is finding that I have people and things I love and care about.

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