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My husband got arrested yesterday

I would like to help my husband. The police put him under arrest for the incident in december 14. When he felt the house. He has been on the run due to his psychosis. The police filed a temporary retraining order for 1 year. I cannot leave him there. I need to.lift that restriction order. Please help me :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy: he is never gonna get better there

What was the incident on December 14? What do you mean by ‘felt the house?’ I’m sorry you two are under such challenging stressors.

Get a copy of these books, read them and have your family read them, as well. (Torrey can be a bit totalistic and unwilling to see exceptions to his “rules” at times, but most of his book is really worth the effort to plough through.)

AND these books:

During his psychotic breakdown he broke doors and pushed me. He ran away avoiding the police to get him. I did not know where he was for a month he hide in the storage ( per his report when he check himself in the hospital. However he never adressed the issue with the police and now i cannot contact him for one year … I am all he has here

Wow that is a really tricky situation. Although you clearly care about him and his health it is best to follow the restraining order and recognize that he did intentionally harm you (pushing you). I’m very sorry you had to go through that. I’m hoping for you that you two are able to continue your relationship when the restraining order is lifted, if that is what you want.

It is possible to challenge a restraining order, although I would not know much about that, sorry.

I need the restriction order to be lifted. He is being treated like a criminal. He needs to address mental health issues. My husband unfortunally has bad paranoia specially when decompensation and mental health detirioration is taking place. He just got help ans things were difficult due to his adjustment to meds. I am the only person he trust. I just wanna help him now. Afetr he is better we will need to discuss if we can remain together; A and his willingness to contiue with his meds and honesty. I need advice

Educate on what meds he takes if any and show them your there to help his mental condition. It’s going to take much patience through this stage.

can you get a lawyer on his behalf?

Yes, I established contact with two lawyer on Friday; however I need to wait until tomorrow to get information and price and action plan. In the mid time I am really worry about him being held there when he is trying to recover. i cannot visit him due to the do not contact order. I can get him un more trouble.

I know … I am so new at this

I also learned the hard way how the police will respond if you are not very careful how you word things when calling them. I have on multiple occasions needed help from them to get my son admitted to the hospital. I have always requested CIT officers. However, on one occasion, my son was screaming, breaking things, threatening me, and caught me on the side of my face. I guess I was upset enough when I called, I didn’t make it clear that I was calling for assistance to get him taken to the hospital, and mentioned that he had hit me, though I also said he is diagnosed with a mental illness and I wanted him to go to the hospital (I am his guardian). No CIT officers came, and they filed a domestic abuse charge and took my son to jail, even tho I pleaded with them not to do so. They said they had no choice. They went further and said they thought he was just ‘playing the system’.

The next morning my son was arraigned and released to me so I could take him to the hospital. The charges are not dropped, but have been transferred to Mental Health Court.

Well my husband is being charged with assault and burglary cause the pokice said it was a do not contact order since december those pwoplw are making things up… Punitive system.

He needs treatment

Things are very complicated and I am lost in the process due to the protection order no one has release information to me. Yesterday was his intake with the agency outpatient and he missed his appointment due to his incarceration. How can I can help? He has his next shot of invega sustena on the 23 that is the day of the hearing for the do not contact order since.i filed a motion to dismiss that and i can care for him

Does he have a community based case manager? Is that what the intake appointment was for?

It is extremely frustrating when law enforcement decides they know whats best for you and your family member.

I hate them all. I have not talked to my husband in a week and is killing me beacuse i am not sure what is going on if he is getting his meds all i did was file a dismissal order i have court for that on theb23rd so i can talk to my husband ans he can come home.

Stay strong :pensive:. He definitly needs help but needs to come to terms with it. If your in a dangerous situation with him get out, hopefully things get better :pensive:

My husband never hit me he pushed me when he got scared and wanted to run away. He has been difficult but he still the man i promise my self to I cannot quit. At this time I need to help him. He must be very scared with all this convoluted situation going on.