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My mother is starting to get around on crutches after being run over


Mum was run over by a car 7 weeks ago
She needed open tib fib with plates and screws
She had her cast off and was given a boot
There was swelling, extreme cramps
she also had coughing dizziness confusion and pain behind shoulder blade worse when she breathes
She is a life long smoker with no pre existing lung disease that we know about

They did a lot of blood tests and I believe tried to confirm or rule out pulmonary embolism and chest infection

They gave her a chest x-ray and after that, they want to do an MRI on monday morning of her chest and ordered further blood tests

They called it a ‘new problem’

she was given blood tests previously - i assume to check for a post operative chest infection and or DVT

for them to now ask for a chest MRI and further blood tests, they must suspect cancer?

does it sound like that? She is being very cagey

She is primary care giver to my sister who has psychosis
we don’t get on and my mum is the only one holding the family together


So sorry to hear about your mom, it sounds like she was in a terrible accident. How is your sis getting along? If you are not there maybe you can get some outside help?
From your writing, I would guess you are not in the U.S.?
Give us an update, we all care here-AnnieNorCal


HI Annie,
Mum finds out today from the MRI scan today at 11.10am and will know the results within an hour - chest MRI

my sister seems to have symptoms of wernicke-korsakoff although it is undiagnosed as she won’t see a doctor

she is angry and accusatory, switches topic to other paranoid or angry thoughts every time one is resolved

she has been confabulating a lot, making up past events as she goes along.

she drinks daily and increasingly and has spent most of the past 5 years on her own in her room at my mum’s place.
she self harms extremely
has severe suicidal depression
she is going to a week long psychedelic festival in a few weeks and plans on traveling also… and wants to come home pregnant or not at all.
severe abuse throughout her life from men as well as a childhood trauma age 3
she is 39, has no one but me and mum
I don’t get on with her and it is very difficult for mum to cope with our arguing
She has recognised a house in Brixham in London where she was abused age 4 or 5 on the other side of london she found it straight away when she went looking
she remembers conversations wrongly
is very Eric Berne 'I’m not ok, you’re not ok"
I don’t know where to start or finish here, really.
She is paranoid psychotic a lot of the time


Thank you for sharing your story. Everyone on this site lives with extreme difficulties. We are all struggling to get along, looking and longing for some relief. All I can say is we take each day as it comes and make the best of it.
I hope and pray for you and your family, you are not alone, we are here to listen. Annie