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My mums honestly ruined my childhood

Absolutely hate the bitch she had it for the first time in 2009 and fucking took me away from my dad and brother to live with our grandma. And it relapsed in 2017 then 2018-19 because she doesn’t take her medicines. Shes not even a normal schizophrenic, she’s a fucking psychopath - shed hit us, throw boiling tea at us, break the speed limit and drive on the wrong side of the road nearly killing everyone in the car. If it comes back again I’m not sure if I’ll even be able to not murder her with a kitchen knife. When I grow I want to be so fucking rich just so that she’s jealous of me.

have pure loving thoughts, when we shoot down all the lizard ships in orbit around our earth, you will need a positive loving mind or be lost forever…


Wow, @Misha, that sounds really rough. I can understand why you are furious with your mum.

Welcome to the forum. It can be a good place for venting and support.

So, @GSSP, I’m guessing then we shouldn’t feed the lizard people taco salad?


Not unless wrapped in tinfoil.


lol, only HERE can we joke about this so freely! Who else here has loved ones who have delusions about aliens?

Both reptilians and tall whites have figured in my life…

Of course there are some people who actually make a living (and a popular TV show) on them.


Not here, but I do think they are worthy of study because the conspiracies have a structure and elements similar to other personal Delusional conspiracies. Of course with my Jungian background my therapists probably would say lizard people and tall whites are part of the collective unconscious that psychotic people tap into.

I only heard about David Icke and the lizard people from folks at work joking about him. Here’s an analysis of his beliefs:

I can’t find the video, but there’s one where he’s presenting about the lizard people and has a video playing with the Boyzone cover of the Andrew Lloyd Webber song ‘No matter what’ in the background. I’ll post the song to the poems and songs thread.

In it he recites the lyrics for the crowd, “no matter what they tell us; no matter they do; no matter what they teach us, what we believe is true.” Lol.

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At my house (not at my son’s) we sometimes watch Ancient Aliens. I sometimes find their arguments compelling.

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Hey Misha.
I think sometimes we have to take our own safety and health more seriously and do what we need to do for ourselves and our own survival and mental and physical wellbeing and sometimes that means distancing ourselves from physical and or life threatening danger.
Having said that, I’ve been in that car with my sz partner who has no insight, no idea that he’s ill or that his brain works different or apparently that he has even done these things. Yup. Literally drove down the wrong side of the road with cars coming at us at about 50mph in a residential zone at night ON PURPOSE. He swerved out of a head-on at the last moment, twice, in about a hundred yards. Laughing. He has no recollection of doing it, looks at me like I’ve got five heads when I would bring it up, says I have no idea what I’m talking about or know him at all as a person (he sees himself as this upstanding, highly moral, God-fearing, passive loving person. When he was in constant crisis he would frequently be out masturbating in public parking lots, getting involved with other lude behavior with criminal-types that ultimately ended up trying to blackmail his family… etc… so, Yeeeeah.) He was (and still can be when he’s having a psychotic episode. He suffers severe delusions) often extremely violent. I wouldn’t leave the house for a week sometimes because he would have been in crisis and gotten a hold of me and tried to put my face into the floor through the back of my head. He thought I was somebody else or didn’t know who I was at all or imagined me to be some imposter of myself. He has no recollection. He believes we (me, family) are making shit up… so, yeeeah. It’s the disease. Doesn’t make it excusable or ok. Sometimes we need to just leave, sad to say.
I feel for you. It’s got to be so much harder even when it’s a parent. That shouldn’t be on you. Do you have someplace you can go? With anybody, at all?

My sz partner’s delusions haven’t included aliens yet, just savage demons hoarding things in our house (he’s the one hoarding stuff) random accusations of bizarre incest, apparently there’s a conspiracy where my best friend and I have involved a bus driver in a ploy to run a prostitution ring on wheels where I’m the star and it’s been going on for years…
Yes guys, as it turns out, it’s ME that finds it soothing to fall asleep to Ancient Aliens softly playing on the tv in the background. :joy::joy::joy: Imagine that.
And as far as those tacos go, I don’t care if they are wrapped in foil, layered in casserole, in crunchy or in soft shells, they are my absolute hands down ultimate place of tranquil bliss and if I ever meet an extra terrestrial, believe me you, I will offer up a hand-fried soft corn tortilla from a cast iron skillet folded around seasoned ground beef and melted shredded cheddar cheese with fresh pico de gallo and a dollop of sour cream as a Peace Offering. Absolutely.

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