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My sisters is Hoarding again

My sister is at it again. I have posted about my sister before how I recently had to put her out. We’ll she’s at my mom’s old house now. The house does not have utilitiies. After a few months of distance. I decided to go by to visit to do a well check on her and OMG!!! A bomb went off on the front lawn and inside the house… There was trash everywhere and a lot of baby items like strollers, bassinets, pack and play, high chairs you name it. I ask her why was collecting so many baby items? She said because her babies were coming back home. She has not been pregnant in 7 years. (she does not have a baby)
I went over to talk to the neighbors to ask them what has been going on and they said she picks things up off the streets everyday and bring them home. I knew she liked to keep useless things because she tried to keep stuff at my house when she lived with me, but I would throw things not being used away. I had no idea it would get this bad. My mom’s house now looks like the houses on the TV show. I’m not going to tell my brother about what she’s doing to the property because he’s going to be pissed. He’s going to have to pay someone to come haul off all that junk if someone reports her to the city since he’s the owner.

Hello, I remember your posts about your sis. You have given her alot of support. My mom has similar tendencies with hoarding food.
I guess the more important subject is how you sis is getting along, is she able to care for herself and what actions need to be addressed.
Take care, AnnieNorCal

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So far she has been getting along better than I thought. She has a kerosene heater in the house so she is warming herself when it gets cold. I assume she also cooks on the heater too because there was a pot on top of it when I went in the house. My neighbors says she has found herself a boyfriend. (Probably some homeless man from around the way) He brings her kerosene for the heater she says. She still gets food stamps and has been walking to the local store to shop. It does not look like she missed any meals. (Very healthy looking) Besides her having a little BO. She seems to be doing fine. I’m not concerned about the BO because she didn’t like taking showers when she lived me.

I tried to convince her to go with me to make an appointment at mental health and to re-apply for SS but she refused. I sat there on the porch with her a few minutes to talk. She is so delusional its hard to get any rationale out of the conversation. At a point in the conversation she asked me had I come to take her home with me. I explained to her that living with me was no longer an option. I told her to focus on trying get the disability benefits back. (No response)
Nothing has changed. She still don’t believe she is sick.

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