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My son aged 45 chronic schizophrenic right from 1985…belives in HOLY SPRIT WILL GIVE ALL THE NEEDS OF HIM…Reads Bible almost 5 to 6 hours..a day…./y

To continue from the topic head… Being father of the above mentioned my son…his treatment continues…Rarely becomes agressive…but always thinks of Bible, which reads almost 6-7 hrs a day and listens biblical speeches for two to three hours a day.,Holy spirit …discontinued his studies in 12 th grade in 1985…Married and has a Girl child whom he loves much…but does not teach her who is in her 11th grade…He thinks the Holy Spirit will do all for her…
I am looking for some information that is he eligible for my defense pension after my demise…since my wife recently expired.

will be continued…
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Hi Jerry,

Sorry to hear about your son. It doesn’t sound like his treatment is going that well - Have you shared the information you’ve shared with us with his psychiatrist?

He might be able to get some medication adjustment and also he needs therapy. Are those available in your area?

I recommend you join your local NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) - go to this website and scroll down a big to find your local NAMI office and then call them and describe your problems. NAMI is a support group for families in our situation:

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You can contact a lawyer to write a trust for your son so he can get a Certain amount monthly after your demise.
you can also Contact a banker to hold the trust. your Son should also get benefits like : Social security Disability and Medicare.

I would try to convince him to apply for SSD. Hope he get some sort of treatment.

but I least he is not aggressive.

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Greetings and Thnks for the encouraging words…
.My son is under the treatment for Chronic Schizophrenic for a prolong period and every two months he will meet the psychiatrist (he is an old patient of NIMHANS -Bangalore-India and presently he is under the treament in SCARF Chennai-India.(You can find the full details in their sites -if you are in need to know more). presently he is calm and don’t show any violence …but his earning attitude is nil ,and he is depended on me.
And true to say on “Holy Sprit” and more in Bible Reading. .
Since I am 77 under gone Bypass surgery 7 years back …And after the recent expiry of my wife I am trying to get his name in my pension book (I am a Defence Pensioner) so that his in ability to earn for his living will some what be at ease…
once again thnks very much for your patient reading of my problems …God bless all of us…!!
Jerry GS’s (dad)