NAMI - What's love got to do with it?

Mental Illness and Romantic Relationships

By Lisa R. Rhodes

About a decade ago, I was dating a man for the first time in several years. We had been dating for about three months and he expressed an interest in marriage. I had just started a new job at a weekly newspaper and I was working with a psychiatrist. There were no symptoms of my paranoid schizophrenia and I had even dropped a few pounds. I was at a good place in my life and I felt great.

Thx,I had a nice read,@barbieBF I am also looking for a romantic relationship,with the support I get around my family and people who help my illness,I think I can try and get into my first romantic relationship,it will be hard,but I think I can find one

Thinking about romantic relationships and sz always makes me sad because guys seem to have a distinct disadvantage. Unfortunately a lot of girls have been brainwashed by these stupid Harlequin romance novels that they think they want/deserve some 6’ model perfect ultra rich guy.

Guys get stupid too though. As long as you are beautiful (it can be face or body, but they want both) they will probably date you and will put up with a lot. It’s like the main character in “memoirs of a Geisha” said I wonder if men would feel privileged to live their life with a demon as long as it was a beautiful demon.

Women also have ways of getting guys even if they are not necessarily pretty. Makeup.

I was not too good looking before I hit my junior year of high school. Then I guess I filled out or something? The hilarious part was my senior year was when I got really sick. I had been doing really well at boarding school so most of my depression might have been situational. I thought I was gay but I still went to the dances with boy’s schools for fun. I still got asked to dance a lot which was fun. After I went to college after my time off, the same thing happens. I am not THAT good looking, but I am good looking for where I am. I also look exotic. Well as exotic as a white girl in America can look. I dress nicely (not workout cloths all the time). I do minimal makeup (just about every other white girl wears about an inch of it). I am also a red head. One of about three.

I’m saying all that to finish off with I was pretty sick for about the first year and a half of college and apparently that wasn’t enough to scare some guys off. I wouldn’t say they were necessarily the best guys though. But I did get attention.

It’s really messed up. Like this shouldn’t be happening in any rational, just, or good world. It’s really sick that guys who look right and have money have girls all over them even though they might be bad guys and women have guys drooling over them when they might be horrible people when there are really nice intelligent guys and girls who would love them and treat them right, but they just don’t make a lot of money or look particularly good.