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Need Advocacy Help They are Releasing my Husband


My husband was not approved for an inpatient rehab program that is a gateway to a PTSD program. He will be released from the acute psychiatric program he is in. Even the nursing staff just told me he should not be released and to begin advocating right now and go all way to the top.

I left a message for the director that probably just blew it, but I need help.

  1. he is in the VA and I need help with contact information

  2. I need to ask for an immediate appeal

  3. I need to officially alert them that they are responsible for any harm that comes to my husband or to any person as a result of anything he might do

  4. they say he is too stable

Please help me. I need to be able to be a serious advocate by tomorrow I need help doing this.

Oh, and he told me to leave him alone until the end of the month until he does what he needs to do. He was so mean, I literally asked to leave crying. I’ve screwed this all up.

And the committees decision had pretty much sealed my husband’s fate.


I don’t know about any of the rest, but that could be interpreted as a threat to public safety all things considered. Maybe you can get someone else to think so too?


I would agree. That sounds like he has a plan of some sort. Breathe and know that you can do this. I would try to write out exactly what you want to tell them. Try to state calmly your reasons why you think he would benefit from further treatment. Why is he a threat to himself or others? Report everything you saw or heard. He is too sick to know that he is sick.


What I have been told to do:

Write a letter of appeal requesting continued treatment and write why treatment is needed.

Find out how to get it to the person in charge (sounds like you know who that is) as quickly as possible: phone (you did this), e-mail, overnight real letter.

Send it in paper form to everyone you think might be able to reverse this decision Registered Mail so they al individually have a copy of it. E-mail the same thing in the body of an e-mail to the person in charge and cc everyone else involved.

This is not an angry letter or a criticism; this is a request for medical treatment for a very ill person whose symptoms are compromising his safety and yours. Write it with the understanding that you are not in control of what happens. Offer facts and then maybe one or two I-statements like, I fear for my husband’s life due to his mental illness or I fear my husband is a danger to (name a few people if you believe this or just write “others”). I think you are right about your #3 as far as I have been told.

You’re basically trying to call an ambulance that might not arrive. Just be calm and do your best. It is up to the VA or another hospital to help your husband. It is up to doctors to treat your husband.

You didn’t screw anything up. Your husband is ill and doctors refuse to treat him. You would not choose either, nor did you cause either.

Best of luck to you.


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