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Need desperate advice

My son with sz got out of the hospital a month ago…2 weeks ago he took an overdose but didn’t tell me until this Monday. I asked him if he had other plans and he said yes, he intends to purchase a gun when he gets paid in October, to shoot himself. He has quit taking his Abilify 30mg but so far only noticed he’s not eating much and has lost 15lbs in 4 weeks…he says the food supply is poisoned.
We see his pdoc on Tuesday and I want him to go in the hospital but know he won’t go voluntarily. Can a 2 week old overdose and a distant threat of suicide get him committed in Alaska? He’s very overweight so the weight loss doesn’t put him in immediate danger. What can I do? I’m scared. I don’t want them to be, like, we’ll reassess him in October. Oh, he also gave away his dog last week…

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He has a plan to kill himself and admitted that he overdosed several weeks ago…he is already a danger to himself. I would think he needs to be hospitalized right away. I hope you can get through to his doctor as soon as possible. The sooner gets back on some AP the better. Hope he gets back into treatment soon.


I am not sure what the legal field feels is necessary to be a threat. However he has stopped eating and given away his dog and has told you he plans on purchasing a gun as well has overdosed. I would hope this is reasonable enough proof he is seriously planning but just hasn’t had what he feels is the ideal situation. Please contact a crisis team in your area now for direction.


I would do all I can to display he is a harm to himself…whether it is 2 weeks ago, or his mention of trying to secure a gun. You have a history with his hospitalization that may help you with this. Perhaps you can get his pdoc on board with this. We had my son’s pdoc testify for us in an involuntary effort to hospitalize my son. We worked with a county attorney in a petition to involuntarily admit him. It was successful.


Thank you. I asked him to go to the ER but he refused. I will stay with him and try to keep him occupied until tomorrow and try to get a hold of his pdoc. I think they’ll have to call the police again to take him in but I’d rather he hate me than be dead.


Fear nothing but the outcome of not doing anything, @LittlePig. And too, recognize when you are over your head…and call the police. In the meantime, document everything…what he says, date/time, so that you have all you need in a track record to support what you are asking others of that will not have been there.

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In Virginia, they put my son on 5 involuntary holds in the hospital this past year for way less than that.

Do you have community mental health services there?
Here, they have a 24 hour crisis line you can call for help. Not only will they tell you what they can and can’t do over the phone, if they decide it’s a dangerous situation, they can send someone to your home to evaluate your son along with (hopefully trained) officers to make sure your son gets to the hospital.

I have a friend who moved to Alaska about a year ago. He lives outside Nenana. It’s so remote that I doubt they have anything like that, but if you live someplace like Anchorage or Fairbanks you should maybe do a quick Google search.

When I searched just for Alaska in general, I found this:

They have a crisis line & they say they have a mobile unit, so maybe?

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Also, I always promised my son that going to the hospital would be his choice.

And, even though they put him on involuntary holds all 5 times, he would agree to go - just, when he got there, he would want to leave. Or even if he said he wanted to stay, they would say he was too ill to be mentally capable (legally) of consenting, so they would do the hold so he couldn’t change his mind the next day & want to leave.

However, in that promise, I told him if I even had the hint that he was going to hurt himself on purpose or by accident, I wouldn’t have a choice. I’d also rather have him hate me and be alive than love me and be dead.

If you call one of these places, and they come get him and force him into the hospital, you’ve done the right thing. Not eating - I’d write that off to the psychosis. Talking about getting the gun, I could reason in my own head that the idea would pass. I could make myself think the overdose was just one of those things my son does when he pushes the edge.

Giving the dog away, to me anyway, means he is dead serious, has a plan & means to act.

Plus, on new meds, don’t they usually tell you to watch for changes in mood, especially suicidal thoughts & actions?
It sounds like you have every reason to believe his current meds are making things worse & that’s also a perfect reason to get an involuntary hold.


Alaska has broader criteria for inpatient commitment. I would try for that. Talk to your son’s doctor and tell him everything that’s going on.


Do you have assisted living for mentally ill,where you are ? If you have,they should be able to hospitalize him until he is stabilized
From there he could possibly go into assisted living with others with the same type of problem. They are monitored 24 hours per day
and usually have their own room but eat and meet with others.
Here are some sites in Alaska
Long House Project & other ACMHS Supported Housing …
About Us - An assisted living facility in Anchorage Alaska 99503 …
Alaska Mental Health Facilities - Programs & Services
Do not take no for an answer. Tell them what is happening and that you are scared for him and yourself. Don’t give up.

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Your son’s current behavior falls under mandatory treatment. Any time anyone is threatening to do harm to themselves or others are considered mandatory

Please go this URL there is a get help tab on there.


Your son meets the criteria for a psych eval in the hospital. Please contact 911 and report that he is suicidal and has plans to shoot himself and/or overdose. No need to report he took it two weeks ago, he is in immediate danger and refuses to seek help. Also he has a history of schizophrenia and he is not adhering to his prescribed psychotropic medications. He has met two criteria for hospitalization. I’m praying for your strength and his mental health.


Sounds suicidal, call police and they will take him to mental ward or hospital.

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That seems like a clear threat to him self - I recommend you talk to the treatment advocacy center and share what you’ve shared with us - and ask for their opinion - they specialize in this sort of thing (they are a free advocacy orgqanization):


200 North Glebe Road, Suite 801
Arlington, Virginia 22203
Phone: (703)294-6001

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He has made a plan to kill himself and tried before…extreme emergency…high risk for going through with it…please commit him so he can feel more able to deal with life.

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