Needed to talk and I chose you all


@Margi - I’m so sorry you are going through this and that your son is having a rough time. Does he live close by? How do you think he will do with the roofer? I was very nervous having people over to fix things when my son was not medicated. Deep breaths (easy to say). I think I just get at a point where I’m like f - it and it’s his life there’s only so much I can do. I’m sorry we are all going through this. My son said he will stop the shot when it’s not court ordered. I asked him what if you get paranoid again? He said I won’t. Sigh.


My son also said that all those paranoid thoughts won’t come back because there’s nothing wrong with him I just can’t talk to him at all he just starts raging. Can you get your court order renewed. If so make sure the paper work is done properly. The reason the lawyer got the cto revoked was because the dr. Didn’t give my son a copy of the sighned document. Do you believe that the illness never came in question. Even though he hss been in the hospital 3 times. The police came and it didn’t go well. They tazered him and he was all brused up. I can’t do this again. I also feel like you. I hope your son will see that he has an illness and decide to stay on the injection. I don’t think my son will ever see that.


My son told his doctor and I that he does not need medication and he will take that to the grave with him. The doctor said they can’t keep him on court ordered meds forever. The court order stays until he is deemed competent for court. Could be a few more months or more. He lives with me so if it gets bad again, I’ll put him back in the hospital. I remember the story about the tazzering. What would happen if you just left him alone? Is he able to pay his bills and get food?


My son said he would rather die then take that poison. I don’t know if he could manage on his own I don’t think so I look after all his bills. I haven’t heard from him in 2 days. He’s not returning my messages. He said that I just want to control him. This sickness is the worst thing that can happen to your child.


Margi, I agree, there is nothing worse that can happen to our children. Without brains that work properly, our children can’t protect themselves. It’s so dangerous. Who will protect them when we’re gone?


Yes daybybay I worry all the time when I’m gone my son will be all alone what will become of him .


I still don’t know how to add to my story. What I mean is that I am truly computer illiterate. Not sure where my add on will be in this stream but I wanted to update everyone. So my son Alex has been in the psych hospital intermittently since May 28th. Last incarceration was from august 6th until yesterday. Yesterday we took him out and he went to a transitional house. The house is very nice and the people that are there to chaperone are also nice. His room is nice, plenty of food, freedom and a covered porch to smoke his brains out. I left him yesterday at 5pm. I could see the anxiety in his face but of course that was to be expected. I picked him up today at 1pm to take him to an intake appointment for a new Pdoc and aftercare place, and he was mumbling to himself. My heart broke. It’s the first time I’ve seen him talk to himself in weeks. I asked him if he was alright and he didn’t answer. After the intake, I took him to Starbucks and we had a cafe late. I knew he was to quiet, but I was very gingerly talking to him about nothing. I asked him if he wanted to come home for dinner and I’d bring him back to his room later. I told him his dad would like that. He replied, " you mean the father!". I knew then that he was getting sick again very quickly. He then said, well can I go to hooligans and drink a nonalcoholic beer. I said no, I’m bringing you back to your room and I’ll have your dad pick you up when he is done work and you can come over for dinner. We did this. He ate a good dinner, (which he usually doesn’t) and could answer talk a little better than he could earlier. I asked him if he drank any beer, and he said he did have a non alcoholic beer. I said nothing more. I called the social worker at the hospital and told her what was going on. She has become a friend of mine after seeing her everyday for 4 months, and she truly cares about my son as does the Pdoc who was taking care of him for the past 4 months. She called the transitional housing and they told her he never slept last night. He was pacing the floors and was on the porch most of then night smoking. My husband took him back to the transitional house an hour ago and I poured myself a drink and I am feeling so dad. Please God, let it be that the move is just overwhelming to him along with a lot of stimulation and he will be able to balance himself and be okay. Just needed people to tell that will understand. God bless all of you who read this and your loved ones too. Robin


Hello Robin,
We have each other to offer support. Like you said, it helps if you can reach out to people who are in similar situations. I hope your son can settle into his living situation. It sounds like a nice place to “have to stay”. Much better than being incarcerated.
Take care AnnieNorCal


So much has been going on with your son and of course, you are so concerned! It sounds like there are a lot of people involved that care about him. And that he is glad to be around you. Each person and situation is different, but it might be good to let him settle in to the transitional home without your family presence. You could call daily just to see how he is doing. You might seek advice from the Pdoc or the home about what the recommend. Also, perhaps they will want to adjust meds to counter anxiety. I know you want him to stay out of the hospital. You had said “incarcerated” but I think you just meant that he had been hospitalized, is that correct? Yes, I will pray for things to balance out for him!


You might be right, maybe we should not go visit him everyday and give him some space to try and figure things out. Yes, he was hospitalized, not incarcerated. It was he with his funny wit that had me calling it incarcerated. Thanks hope4us and AnnieNorCal for responding. It does help me. Robin