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Nephew is tripping tonight with suspected schizophrenic. worried

my nephew just called me and is asking about his friend that he has known since highschool. He is doing acid tonight with him even though I warned him that this schizophrenic friend of his could really freak out because the friend of my nephews sees and hears demons a lot. My nephew is about 23 and his friend is the same age. I told him to tell his parents and right now he is telling his youth minister about him. Any advice would be appreciated.

It sounds like you did the best you could.

You tried to warn your nephew…

I hope the friend will be Ok. It sure would be nice if your nephew tried to persuade the guy not to do acid. Or maybe not try and do acid with him.

But the youth are going to do what they will… Maybe educate your nephew on what to do if it all goes wrong… - first aid for psychosis.

Good luck to them all…

thanks. the schizophrenic friend doesn’t think he’s schizophrenic yet. that’s my prognosis for him. He tells my nephew that he sees demons and hears them telling him to do crimes a lot. I say schizophrenic ?

Whether Sz or not… if he’s having this sort of head circus with out hallucinogens…

Acid might not be a good idea… but of course when I was in my 20’s I knew everything and was sure it would all be Ok as well.

I’m not trying to say “yeah for acid” but a few good trips did help me survive some of the dark head circus.

I do hope your nephew’s friend talks to a doc soon.