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No peace from delusions or dark, scary dreams

My son has been on Risperadone for a year after a psychotic episode which hospitalized him. He still has terrible, dark dreams about his experiences in hospital & friend’s death, and can’t let go of God not forgiving him for not going sooner to prevent his friend’s death. (He stopped to see his pastor who was having a heart attack which triggered his psychosis) He fears he will go to Hell. During the day he drives around, can work some for us, seems pretty good but does go through periods of depression. Doctor prescribed Celexa for depression but he won’t try it. Therapy has not made a difference in his fear of going to Hell, and unforgiveness. He goes to a Christian Psychologist, but no improvement. He also takes Lorazepam when his anxiety escalates. Any suggestions?

I’d consider attempting to get his psychiatrist to switch to a different antipsychotic. My experience with risperidal was accompanied with a deep depression, social withdrawal, work absences and poor performance. This was when the drug was initially introduced and there were fewer alternatives. Antidepressants didn’t seem to help in the limited time that I took them, but changing my antipsychotic and interventions in my social and work environment helped me significantly.

Responses to particular drugs are highly individualistic, so changing medications based on one person’s experience should approached with caution. A psychiatrist’s care is essential to such changes. I was also under a psychologist’s care for the duration, but in retrospect I feel changes in environment had far more impact on changing my frame of mind than talking about my problems.

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Thank you for sharing your personal experiences. You give all of us useful insights!

Thank you for sharing! Your name brought a smile to my face