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Not in my job description

AUGHHHHH!!! I went over to my son’s house at lunch and there was a large dog DEAD in his front yard. There was an animal control notice on the front door.

I called. 2 other calls had already been made. One was closed (which probably explains the notice.) The other had reported the dog and told them the person who lives at the house is sick and doesn’t come outside. I was told they don’t come onto private property.

I had to DRAG the dog to the curb. And now am hoping that my son doesn’t see it when he looks outside this afternoon. (I am now grateful he tends to stay in his bedroom most of the morning.) Who knows what kind of paranoid thoughts that could trigger. I covered it with an old shower curtain I had used as a drop cloth.

The things we do that we never imagined we could.


I get you.

I try to make sure no one comes to our house.
I recently had a zoning violation at my grandmother’s house. I’d been trying to sell it for 12 years, finally got a buyer and got the person who had been living there to move out, but they left a couple inoperable, unlicensed vehicles behind.

I know I sounded a little off myself when I told the inspector that if he had to send me a summons to please let me pick it up instead of serving me at home - because I have someone there who was in active psychosis.

Luckily, it didn’t come to that, but I also have times where I dread someone even turning around in our driveway thinking it’ll trigger something new.

I think he could deal with a dead animal (as long is wasn’t one of ours) better than a stranger on the property, although he has went out a few times & got packages from the UPS man lately.


Wow, yeah, the things we do or are finding we’re capable of doing…Sometimes I look back months ago and think, that actually happened and I/we went through that.

I hope your son didn’t see the dog and it was taken away and the rest of your day went well.

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