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Not paranoid enough for my father


My father just told in all seriousness that the next time I set my “hot laptop” on the couch he’s going to take a hammer to it. . <---- I’m sorry but laptop’s heat is not nearly half as hot as most laptops I have used and it’s not going to start the couch on fire. I just needed to say that, because I’m going to be freaking out one day when I accidentally forget that my laptop was set on the couch and it’s just been destroyed by a man with a hammer that thinks I’m going to burn his house down.


how about you never put the laptop on the couch? Do you have a desk?! Ikea sells a portable desk really cheap.


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**You could also leave a post-it not on your computer to remind yourself not to set it on the couch.


Maybe he has a point, although he could have been nicer about it. If the couch isn’t flame retardant then maybe that’s why he’s worried.


Maybe you were taking him literally? Maybe it was a figure of speech.