Overcoming Compassion Fatigue

I thought this article was both relevant and on point …


That was a good article.

I find that I have to carefully choose what I’m exposed to so that I don’t get too emotionally drained.

I used to get emails from a site that creates petitions to solve various worldwide causes - had to stop that.
I even had to stop going to facebook because posts would somehow pop up in my feed about terrible things that had happened to animals, or children, or an innocent person - and it would leave me feeling depressed about the world in general for the rest of the day.

So, for right or wrong, I close down my exposure to things I will feel compassion for to the people I personally know & care about, and to things where I can personally make a difference. And, when things go really bad, that circle is closed down to my son only - because the reality is that I can’t take a year-long break from him - a few hours at a time is all I see myself getting for the time being.


I thought about that idea of a “year long break” I can’t even imagine that. I also sensor much that comes my way, media and otherwise, like you, it drains me. I started out with a few hours at a time and now I can take a couple of days at a time, gradually it has improved and continues to do so. Glad you liked the article. :slight_smile:

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Yep, I completely understand. Last year I completely removed myself from Facebook and closed it promising myself to never return. . I try to avoid watching emotionally draining programs and find myself enjoying silly comedies movies and shows. I’ve cut my newspaper reading to 1 hour a day where before I was obsessively trying to find new information on sz. Also I stay away from watching and reading about our present toxic political environment. I love walking outdoors and especially those days where I’m feeling emotional and sad – it seems to always lessen or dissipate my internal anxiety and sadness. Our modern world exposes us to 24/7 anxiety causing information. It literally makes me feel sick inside.


Well put - :yellow_heart: