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Please help me answer these painful delusions

I’m receiving these text messages from my daughter in her bedroom
Daughter … Mum I’m soooooooo sad I don’t know where to turn or what to do about my life if I phone the police I’ll get a bullet to my head I’ve been threatened
My reply … “who threatened you”…
I can’t tell you…
Me “why have you been threatened”
D…” I don’t know it’s a horrid life I’m living, threatened if I go to the :police that’s the reason,
I’ve been told… If you go to the police you’ll get a bullet to the head”!!!
In her room crying now for hours, it’s a daily occurrence.
2 years of trying different Meds with still no improvement.
How do I respond ? … In anticipation, Thankyou.

very sad, been there, this worked for my daughter who is med resistant:

Very important vid from my daughter, listen to all of it, day after ECT:

from this:

to this:


to this:

It’s all so real to them. Listen, empathize and repeat. At least talking about the delusions seems to help them.


Respond with That must be scary for you. What can I do to help?


As others have said, just tell her that she is safe and you will protect her. over and over, asking her questions is not a very good approach in my opinion, just play along with it and assure her safety… about all you can do…


Thankyou @GSSP

Good information thankyou. Unfortunately, ECT is not an option as our daughter has a VNS implant to help control her Epilipesy…thankfully it worked for your lovely daughter.

Yes ok, good idea Thankyou.

Thankyou @hope, I do try to do as you said, I have just taken delivery of Dr Amador’s book.

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Hi Maggie46, Using his techniques really does bring many of our family members comfort and increase the level of trust they have in us. For some of them, its about all we can do. It can take time to make a difference or it can help right away. My attempts to reason with my son put up quite the wall between us. After reading Amador, I did ask my son if we could agree to disagree about whether or not the things he was hearing were real. He was glad to do it and began talking with me again. Hang in there, hope

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@hope Do you think I should take that approach, our day of pain and fear starts again, breaks my heart.

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Agree to disagree helped restart my relationship with my son. I could see him visibly relax. After that I never told him what he was hearing wasn’t real ever again. I hope it can bring some relief to your daughter. Yes, I think you should try it. Maybe read the book first so you can move on to “P” if “A” goes well.

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Appreciate your insight @hope navigating this wicked disease is all so new to me.

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No problem Maggie46, we have all been there, we are all just trying to get our feet under us.

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I’ve experienced delusions similar to these, although my fears centered more on my freedom and my future not my safety. Some thoughts;

She may not be able or want to answer you, because she either doesn’t know the reason or is trying to protect you. Most likely the former. The ‘who’ is most likely either an internal voice or internal thoughts which have origins from some authority like a newspaper or celebrity or TV show she’s misinterpreted or confused.

The best way for a ‘sane’ person to think about this is as if waking up from a nightmare. Your fear is real and you are trying to make sense of what you were dreaming about and it takes you a while you calm down, but unfortunately ‘it’s only a dream’ is not a viable explanation and even if it is, it’s no consolation.

You may want to point out to her, that as long as she doesn’t go to the police she should be safe. It’s generally not a good idea anyway, as they wouldn’t know what she was talking about anyway. When I had my psychotic break I was attempting to turn myself into the FBI which thankfully is harder than it seems, especially if you don’t want to ‘incriminate’ yourself.

A downside to this is if you get into a committal situation and police get involved she’l be overly fearful and may endanger herself and/or the police. As others have said, I think you need to empathize with her and ask her what you can do to make her feel safe.


Gosh @Maggotbrane such incredible insight, I will take onboard everything you have advised.
I’m fairly certain the inner voice and thoughts, as you mentioned came from a male (very large) & intimidating to her (single) new neighbour who moved in next door to her home, claiming he made a sexual remark to her (over 2.5 years ago), she maintained (before becoming unwell) he manufactured & sold drugs (he may have)…
Those thoughts have now manifested, she hasn’t been back to her home in over 2 years, fearful of being raped, followed, home being bugged, drugs being stored in the ceiling of her home, cameras, people watching her… etc etc.,
The delusions always revolve around a similar subject.

[quote=“Maggotbrane, post:14, topic:8354”]
She may not be able or want to answer you, because she either doesn’t know the reason or is trying to protect you.

100% your insight is spot on.

I will do exactly as you say, such good advise from everyone, I’m so appreciative of you taking the time to help me.
Bless you @Maggotbrane @hope @GSSP @Jeannet.
This site is such a relief, to be able to come on here and receive so much support. Thankyou.


Everything she hears, sees, feels, smells is VERY real as real as you read this message. I have seen my wife chase people down the hall and out the door. My security cams provide a wealth of the most unbelievable shit you ever will see, well unbelievable normal people will ever see, none of us on this forum are normal given what we go through every day… I am totally insane…


All so very sad GSSP …

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Maggie46, how is your daughter doing today?

Dear Hope, Thankyou for asking, it’s morning here 7am, she is still sleeping, yesterday was a day full of fears, anxiety, low mood, no motivation, vocalising to herself (out loud) all day, late afternoon & evenings are the worst where her delusional thoughts totally absorb her. I’m so worried.
I found maggotbranes theory for a sane person to understand a delusion so thought provoking…

Hi Maggie46, yes, Maggotbrane’s description does help us understand the reality of their panic, its complete with racing heart and “out of their mind” frantic thoughts - its as real as real for them. I’m glad she is getting some sleep, some of our family members will do this for days without sleeping during bad episodes.