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Problems With Under Reporting Health Issues

I wanted to share a problem I have with my sz son. He seldom knows he is becoming ill until whatever is wrong is really serious. I am really vigilant about his health because of this. He has had strep get so bad that it was almost deadly before he actually said “my throat really hurts’ …several times he developed a skin abscess in various places and never mentioned it until it was very bad and very painful…same with his teeth, it has to be an abscess or worse before I hear of it…he has had walking pneumonia before and it took me hearing him wheeze to know that that was what it probably was and get him to the doctor…he has been dehydrated and had to be put on fluids…I am always on him about water, food, cleanliness, teeth, truly I make myself a nuisance as much as I am on top of it…but I can’t examine him head to toe daily-he wouldn’t let me anyway…I ask him how he is doing at least twice a day and I always get “great” or :fine” … so I stay in touch with his family doctor via email if I have questions and he sees her 2 or 3 times a year whether he needs to or not…and then when something sudden arises we are on our way to urgent care or the ER…I have never been able to fully understand why he doesn’t say anything about pain or discomfort until it is like a 100 on a scale of 1-10…makes no sense but I blame it on the sz. Anyone else see this?

I should probably be more vigilant about asking him but honestly just getting through day to day with what I do know seems overwhelming. In the case of my son and I believe I read this that szs are normally incredibly healthy. It is good you check though and I appreciate the heads up to watch for it.

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