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PsyPost - What is sexual fluidity? Research suggests that sexual orientations are not set in stone



Sexual preferences are not set in stone and can change over time, often depending on the immediate situation the individual is in. This has been described as sexual fluidity. For example, if someone identifies as heterosexual but then finds themselves in an environment with only people of the same gender, they might feel increased sexual or romantic attraction to those same-gender partners. Like any other social trait, sexual preferences, attitudes, behaviours and identity can be flexible to some degree.

Another related concept, erotic plasticity, is defined as change in people’s sexual expression – that is, attitudes, preferences and behaviour. In other words, someone’s sexual response can fluctuate depending on their surrounding environment.


Makes sense. :astonished:


I personally think you can beat homosexuality…with repression…and Ive heard of guys who have reawakened their heterosexuality after repressing homosexuality for years. Really Im telling you they started to like girls sexually. So, in my opinion it pays to repress homosexuality, as I do.


Sounds horrible :frowning:


Interesting topic regarding sexual fluidity - there is a new term now called “highsexual” and it’s when a person experiences homosexual attraction to another person only while high.


I believe all that. In my experience it’s true. I’m sti not really interested in men, there is an element of disgust within me when contemplating that kind of interaction.

A lot of people have called me gay, it used to really bother me. It has a lot to do with me going schizo. I have determined I’m just more gentle than the hetero archetype, more open minded.

Really though I still have latent sexuality but consciously I’m not interested.

Sometimes when I need to I think back to a girlfriend I once had, to remind me that at one point I was very strongly attracted to women. That girl specifically.

The way I see it if I meet the right girl things will work out.

People can pick up on the insecurity in my identity. I think that’s why they judge me. From what I gather their minds are a lot different. They steer themselves away from the thoughts and perspective I entertain.

They are defiantly and definitely straight. I’ve always wondered how they can go without questioning it, but I’m not a mind reader maybe they do.

Anyways keep sex in its place, try not to focus on it.

The gay identity and sexual orientation theory exists to provide peace and acceptance. There is some truth to it though.

Growing up I had this engrained belief that anyone could do it either way if they wanted to. Culture kept people straight, as it is the only universally accepted way of life. This belief eventually led me through some confusing times. The confusion has passed, but it is a major force behind my sz. I had to process all that shit. Took years to really see how I truly felt. I’m just open minded. You could almost say fearlessly so, ultimately I don’t want to be a homosexual. It just doesn’t fit and I don’t think it’d ever really satisfy me. I have a latent love for the concept of a women, it’s not really even a sexual thing, it’s just that’s how I think it is more me personally to feel like I have a complete life. It is a component that is lacking in my life.

In my mind now though the way I see it is that people are unique. They all have their own feelings a thoughts in regards to this matter. It should be up to them to decide how they want to live and what they want to do and no one should question their decisions. They should be respected and given sovereignty over their own lives and bodies.

Yeah I don’t really even like sex though, been without for years and been medicated that whole time.

People really do need to accept bisexuality and sexual fluidity, but I question whether or not that will happen. People are in love with the heterosexual identity and it’s archetypes. They make good parents, their egos make for interesting partners. If everyone were gay their would be no ego, they’d all be cocksuckers lol. No offense intended.

When I really think about it though, homosexuality just doesn’t make sense. It’s not like I really care though sometimes, and it is a situational thing, I get around to feelings that I can only identify as queer. They always pass and it’s not consistent. I don’t know who else feels that, and I don’t expect them to admit it.

Sex sex sex, it’s all pretty gross.

I’ve tried to come up with a label that really fits. Labels kind of suck and they don’t really stick with me. It was sort of generated by my psychosis. The underlying telepathic war between the straights and the straight bisexuals. With me being a straight bisexual a straight who acknowledges he could choose to be gay.

That’s all coming from a pretty dark time in my life though. My views have changed. These people don’t even seem to think about it. Whatever they are doing works for them.

People shouldn’t think about other people’s sexualities.

People aren’t really raised to be open minded but I know a few people who are and they seem to get a long just fine.

It’s pretty irrational and unfounded to say that everyone is bi. There are gay people who swear they are just gay. The gold star crowd. Validating mono sexuality. In this country your free to do whatever you want. Unfortunately in the sociosphere things are different. Choose what you disclose about your past and your perspectives wisely. Straight people sustain the culture that makes them the most comfortable, that’s just how it is.

I tried coming out as bi to my family, and well that’s kind of when I went psychotic. They took me to the hospital and never talked about it again. Got forced back into the closet. Maybe it’s best. I don’t ever plan on sleeping with men.

I am interested in people who are openly bi and how people handle them. It should be seen as a valid orientation by all. They call it bisexual erasure, people don’t like thinking about it.

Perhaps the entire human race is in the closet?


Lol that’s why I don’t smoke weed anymore. Wasn’t always that way, but over the years that’s what getting high turned into. Feeling gay. It was always uncomfortable and disgusting, but I was locked in the feeling, perhaps my first delusion. It was never really arousal or attraction it was just focusing on hypotheticals. Really funny that you post that now though, I always wondered if it was a thing.

It can be overcome though. If I only take a couple hits I can keep it straight without effort. If I smoke to much though I become completely disoriented, on all levels. Leaving me searching for something to establish an identity and self around. It’s really not a good place to be.

I’ve come a long way in finding an identity and sense of self that has nothing to do with sexuality and feel like a better person.


I miss the days that pot made me think crazy random stuff. Made me laugh. Eventually it became a psychological trigger for introspection. It’s where the eventual anxiety led me. Instead of facing the crowd and overcoming the anxiety I let it bring me down and became a recluse. Infrequent use of pot is amazing, but daily use can lead to destructive delusional thinking. For me any ways.

I don’t mess around with the stuff any more. It brings out voices and makes my symptoms seem more real. Everything has an additional weight with it. Moreover I just like being clean. I think I’m done with alcohol as well. Both are a waste of money.


It’s also important to note that there is a lot of research that counters this.

But I do think being straight is as much as a way of life as it is anything else. It’s a belief system and certain humor.

Can’t really tell what other people feel so it remains a mystery to me.

I once overheard a friend say be what you want do what you want. Don’t know what he was really referencing, but it can be applied to this and people should respect that philosophy.


Maybe in some people sexual fluidity is true, but in myself and every gay person I know, we have all said we’ve known since we were children that we are attracted to the same sex. I’m bisexual myself, but my attraction to both men and women has never changed. I denied my homosexual tendencies for a long time. Mainly because the dude who abused me as a child convinced me that homosexuality was disgusting and wrong. When I was 18 I kissed two of my friends, who were girls, at a party and that allowed me to accept that side of myself. Both my aunt and uncle are gay and had those feelings all their lives. A close friend and my exgirlfriend have also expressed that they’ve been attracted to the same sex all of their lives. From my own experience and talking to others about their experiences, sexual orientation never changes. Interesting post though. :sun_with_face:


I guess conversion therapy works. Maybe being gay is a choice after all.


I think some people are immune. Who knows if it’s developmental or inborn. When your have the idea that your gay in your head and the society and culture say it can’t change then you kind of get stuck and it perpetuates. I’ve always been straight to so if anything I’m bi for contemplating it. If I were just gay I’d live it without shame. Something about it just doesn’t sit right with me personally.

The general talk is that conversion therapy is terrible on the psyche. Confusing and deluding. I think the people behind that just want homosexuality to stop.

For some people it’s a choice for some people it’s not. Both sides are correct depending on the person.

I feel bad for the people who are confused, it takes a while to sort through it on your own. Drove me psychotic.

Really though once you know yourself you’ll do whatever you do without really asking questions about it. You stop thinking about it and then pretty much everyone is the same aside from behavior.

Sometimes I think about getting a shirt made that says “closet homosexual” just for the irony of it. Openly closeted lol, get it?

It’s pretty fucking stupid I know.

There are such diverse feelings involved with sexual fluidity. It’s easy to get lost. The labels don’t help much either.

When I’m not being castrated for sexual thought by telepaths I find it all hilarious. Then I straighten out and focus on my real life and other things.