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I am starting my own campaign to answer all questions with the best of my ability and knowledge of how paliperidone and clonazepam I was on the highest dosage of both at the same time and have experience all levels of the milligrams prescribed I am now currently not taking any of the meds and have alot of benefit information available and also my hands on experience of these medications from a stand point no doctor has experienced themselves… My lifelong goal now that i am able to formulate actual sentences and retain thoughts while strategically discover the overall experience of my own struggle with this disability that is so hard to pin point. I’m willing to answer any questions asked. I noticed alot of parents questions I could answer and decided to start a whole topic on it. I don’t have a degree in medicine but I do have first hand experience of this and decided to dedicate my life purpose to fighting for the benefits veterans like myself deserve and have available because I know they would be on these topics to find out more if they could process it. Let me help you!!! Q&A!! Any questions!

@MathewCostelli, hi, can you help me with a question? If I start seeing that my son is slipping, and he’s about to go into psychotic episode, what is the best strategy for me to take? Should I try to talk to him? Should I leave him alone? Take him to ER? When do you know when it’s time to take him to ER, and commit him? I know these episodes can last for months, but it’s nerve wracking, just not sure what he’s going to do :cry:

Also which living situation is best for them? Alone or with family members?

Thank you in advance

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I’m recording my response and answers to every question you asked, then I’m going to have my mother and wife who both have been my caregivers also add there perception on these great questions you asked so that when I respond you & the rest of this communitee will have all these answered in one message. If you would like my initial thought process while im proof reading and typing my responce please feel free to call me at any time any day any question I will answer 209-542-3326, this goes for anyone that reads this message and is in immediate need of a response call me directly. I wont sleep more than 4 hours a day until I make sure every question on this site gets an answer

Your offer to help people get answers is genuinely appreciated.
From one service member to another, thank you for your service and your sacrifices.

But, as a techie, I feel compelled to point out the importance of keeping your phone number and other personal information off the internet.
Scammers, of many different types, use sophisticated technology to (for sake of short explanation) “google” seach for names that tie in with phone numbers, addresses, and credit card information.
It’s important to make that process as difficult as possible for scammers.

So, I recommend that you use a username that isn’t your real name and keep your phone number, address and other information, that can be used to identify you, secret.

As someone who has had my identity stolen…
I can personally attest that even if all money is returned and debt forgiven, the hassle is very frustrating and can take a long time to resolve.

Thank you for offering to help people.
In turn, if you want to vent / talk / find support, we are here for you, too!

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