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Refuses Needed Surgery

My 56 year old daughter lives with me and I am her care giver. She was diagnosed with chronic parinoid schizophreia since 1992 by social security. she is seriously ill with various fractures and compressions of the spinal cord. She also has hep C and needs major dental work. I love her very much and want to get the best for her. She is in pain continuously. The most pressing issue now is that her spinal cord is compressed at her neck and the neuro surgeon says she needs surgery as soon as possible as the cord could be seavered easily. She refuses to have the surgery. She wants to have the major dental work first. Four doctors have said that she needs to have the surgery first because she could be paralyzed or even die if her spinal cord breaks. Also the dental surgery will release multiple bacteria in her system which is a greater risk for infection.
My daughter says she does not trust the doctors and she could die on the operating table. Her surgeon comes highly recommended. We need to do something NOW! How can we convince her to have the surgery? Or should we go ahead with the dental work with our fingers crossed? Or should we do nothing?
Regardless of the above we can and are proceeding with treatment for Hep-C.

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Medical Power of Attorney, Thats about it… IMO

You have to insist on the surgery. Reinforce the possible outcomes if she has the surgery–less pain! And the possible consequences of not having surgery–paralysis. Does she really want to take that risk? Also, can you care for someone who is paralyzed?

I know it’s easier said then done. Good luck!

Also, with the hep C, my aunt was cured on hep C by adopting a strict organic diet, and no alcohol. She also, of course, took the medicines prescribed by her physician.

Would it even be safe for her to have all that dental work with the neck condition? That’s a long time in a chair.

If it would be safe and she could do just a part of it before the surgery, maybe schedule both to get her to the surgeon?? An hour at the dentist (if safe), then the surgery, then finish the dental work.

I hope everything works out.

I am always afraid of stuff like this. Our family member once refused to take needed medication that was not psychiatric and it’s such a helpless feeling.

Does the dentist know the seriousness of the medical issue? If they do, they might refuse to work on her until the medical issues are stabilized regardless of what she wants. Again, HIPAA precludes medical professional from talking to you, but not you talking to the medical professionals.
And yes, a medical power of attorney should be done in any event. Hope she complies.