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Refusing all meds😢

My husband, after a doctor appointment today, has decided to stop all his meds. Saphris, Ativan, Benztropine, all diabetes meds, including a twice daily shot of Byetin as well as blood pressure meds. He became extremely angry because his psychiatrist upped the Saphris to twice a day instead of once. Verbally abusive which is relatively new for him. Until he became schizophrenic, he was the sweetest husband a woman could ask for. Feeling worried about him tonight.


As would be expected for sure. My other half will never go to the Dr…he’s in great health, but a Che k up would be good now that he’s 50. But NOOOO. Won’t even discuss it.
He does go to the dentist. This last cleaning they told him he had high BP.

(Here’s the point I’m getting at, not trying to make my reply about me)

I asked him about a general check up. Of course answer was no. My reply was (here it is) I am not asking you to go on life support, but as long as you are here with me, you may as well BE COMFORTABLE.

I hope my 2 cents helps…even a little.

Did he go? No. Not yet anyway…but I planted a seed none the less. Men can be so stubborn about meds and doctors!

May be try that???


Be there for him but don’t forget you need to take care of yourself as well :heart:️Do something you enjoy even if it’s for 5 mins


Just stopping meds is a really bad idea and I suggest you contact the doctor as it might even be dangerous.

Could you talk to your husband about a controlled winding down of his meds, so coming off meds completely is then a goal, something positive for him to aim for?


Here is what I would do in this situation. Take a book and act like you are reading. Sit down next him. This gets my husband talking every time. Calmly ask, what was his reasoning to quit taking medication? Did he see it as a weakness? What symptoms did he not like? Write down what he says and ask if you could talk to his pharmacist about which one might be the culprit.


Hahahahaha😀. Love it


With a book I should have said😀


I have found that updating the budget and paying bills works as well.