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Relationship questions

My partner is living with schizophrenia. She is on meds and has been for 10 or so years. She has only had one episode of psychosis and that was before the meds. I have been with her for 5 years. Things are mostly great. She doesn’t have flat affect or anything like that. I just get frustrated at times because I am always being accused of things. She asks if I talk with other women (and she means anyone, friends, family, etc). It’s strange. I only talk to my best friend of 35 years and my mom–I have lost touch with all of my female friends that I had before this relationship because I worry my partner will think I am cheating. It is so frustrating because she has a best friend that offered to sleep with her when she first came out and I support her going to this woman’s house when I’m at work, they text constantly throughout the day and night, even though I work 10 hour days (with travel) and we only get to spend about 5 hours a day together at the best of times. I have never had sexual relationships with any of my friends, yet I don’t talk to them anymore. She has kept me from family occasions because she didn’t want to go and made me feel like I would be a horrible human being if I went without her. She tells me every few weeks or so that she feels like I am pulling away and being distant, but when I ask her for specifics about what I am doing, she can’t tell me anything. It’s a “feeling”. Well I cannot change her FEELINGS. I can only change my actions and I can’t do that if I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I just feel so depressed even though my life is more stable than it’s ever been in some ways (money, career, etc). I am wondering if any of this has to do with the schizophrenia, or if I am just dealing with a controlling person who wants to keep me from my family and friends…she has even asked if I am sleeping with my 1 female coworker. I am not. Having these questions all the time is confusing and frustrating and feels horrible.