Round and round not moving forward

Hello, its been awhile since I have posted. Things were looking up last year because of a court ordered medication. That lasted 6 months and then back to nothing until all traces of the medicine was gone and the voices came back 10 fold. I had to call 911 for yet another MH arrest early Monday morning. I went to see him for the 1 half hour that is allowed. He was very upset with me because I told him once that I would not call on him. I didn’t have choice, he was constantly talking to the voices, he would not eating right. (tuna from a can) , pop, 24 receees peanut butter cups in less than 24 hours. I dont buy them and when I find them I hide them. Should have thrown away. Chain smoking, screaming at me while im driving the list goes on forever. He told me today that we are broken up, when he gets out he’s leaving and gettng a car. I still have to talk to the doctor and social worker… hopefully tomorrow :frowning:

Seems like everyday day you wake up and it’s the same merry go round that you can’t seem to get off of. I never imagined having a problem with no solution. A situation that just don’t go away. I’ve lost hope. Just waking up to the same nightmare daily.

Wow, you are certainly going through a lot. This disease is awful! My son does not eat right either. Drinks energy drinks and chain smokes. Thankfully, he is currently on meds that have kept the voices away and we have not had violent outbursts for several months. I am still waiting to hear about getting him on disability. It has been OVER 2 years since the first application was sent. Hope you can find some relief. It never comes quickly enough though does it?