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Schizoaffective brother, parents are gone. Guilt over my limited relationship with him

Hi Amf1987
I wish you all the best too, new beginning a beautiful new relationship with your brother and small steps to what you feel comfortable giving or how his condition is speak , dont jump in and get into seeing another halluctiins delusional thinking a episode of this again .to your aunt maybe see what type of conversation he has with caretaker etc .It is very hard work…
I have my own self care…and he stays at his little flat…
There a austism link I’m sure there too.

A really good book Carl Jung, all his research , some insight into this serious condition ,
My son is on clonzapine 300mg, 100mg in the morning then 200mg evening has to take at the right times and 5mg of Ariprozole balances it but cant stopped this is then you have the extremes setbacks, eg halluations and you see more and more of the syropitmd Carl Jung speaks about .
I email you the book title.
The art will be a great escape to find a balance that you connected.
Psychotherapy has to be at the right time and with a very expeeirnces therapist.
There isnt enough research. I know it genetic and try many minerals too with him to support the brain. Magesium etc.l acetylcholine, neurobalance, vitamin d high concentration, cytoplan, superfoods green energy.

All my best


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I relate to you a lot with a past history of not helping my two sisters anything like enough.

Anyway I’ve lived in this familiar state since my middle sister was about 4.
She always wanted to die since then and After 12 years of deteriorating psychosis she was hit by a car and killed age 25.

My youngest sister has been unwell for eight years. Alcoholic psychotic and suicidal with PTSD from childhood, She has stayed in one room for the last eight years almost completely all the curtains down bulimic, violent with speech for 15 years of drinking

My mum always tries to keep me away from all of it
I’ve not go in the room or visit in hospital Or sit there with her and hold her hand enough
Mum always stopped me.

It is incredibly damaging, All this guilt. it is too much to think about I agree.

Spent half my life crying my eyes out about the 2 of them

Your first responsibility is to yourself.
I’m stable 15 years with a history of quite severe schizophrenia myself.

For your own survival you have to distance yourself.
I bet I relate to many of the dark emotions you have had in guilt.

Your story really touched me as well.
What tragedy of your parents and your parents parents. I’m so sorry
We are in the process of making wills to make sure she is taken care of.

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Thank you so much, @three.

I’m so sorry to read about your sisters, but I am so grateful you are sharing your story with me. I think the most painful thing I’ve experienced as a sibling is wanting, with every fiber of my being, to take my brother’s suffering away, but knowing in my heart there is nothing I can do about it. Furthermore, I’ve had to acknowledge that I have feelings surrounding my brother’s illness that may make me very uncomfortable but those feelings are none the less real and deserve to be respected. Compassion and patience are expensive, especially when a loved one is mentally ill.

You’re right, the guilt is incredibly damaging. Thank you for your candor in saying my first responsibility is to myself. Your first responsibility is to yourself, too.

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Thank you for your mail
It comes at quite a high price to ourselves loving them, caring and trying to help

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