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This is about sexual conflict and feelings of turmoil experienced by men with mental illness and how to overcome these feelings instead of letting others capitalize on your pain.

I think mental illness like schizophrenia and bipolar are multifaceted reactions to the social environment with different causes for different people. I don’t think its a disease to be medicated because there is no biological test to prove its existence as this video explains, link:

There is going to be multiple factors causing your illness but something the psychotherapists have noticed is that sexual conflict maybe part of the problem. The idea is that if you talk to a psychotherapist about all of your deepest darkest thoughts and bring them out into the open this will somehow resolve your feelings of sexual turmoil and mental illness.

I think the idea of talking to a psychotherapist is a folly and will not benefit beyond placebo effect like any other form of quackery. Also I see the psychologist office as being a secular version of the priests confessional chamber where you confess a secret instead of a sin.

In my new You Tube video I give a step by step guide for how straight men can overcome these feelings of sexual conflict: Link

Also for anyone interested in what psychotherapists think this video about Sigmund Freud gives a brief overview (not mine) link:

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I just have to say that you are wrong. Sz and BP have genetic origins. In the case of sz it actually does damage to the brain and this can be seen. Medication is the only solution for managing the symptoms. I have sza, I know this for a fact.


I agree with @Moonwalker . I cannot agree with you at all @Psychiatry_Capitalis . If a person with sz gets better because of medication, obviously there is an undiscovered physical cause or the medicine wouldn’t work. More research needs to be done, and from what I’ve seen, research money is scarce for sz. Sz can affect children also, which I would guess 99% of the time has absolutely nothing to do with sexual conflict. I personally am a bit offended at your post.

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What you are saying is very dangerous and inaccurate and will only victimize people. In the UK the NHS is the most reliable medical place to seek information and on their website under schizophrenia it says

“There’s no single test for schizophrenia and the condition is usually diagnosed after assessment by a specialist in mental health.” In other words a diagnosis is given after a pathetic interview.

You give the impression its a genetic illness like Huntington’s Disease and the NHS website says “A blood test to check for the Huntington’s disease gene can confirm if you have the condition.”

Can you see the difference? No test no disease Link:


People don’t get better and make a full recovery with medication. If the symptoms improve then its probably because the medication is drugging them and numbing the pain.

Dr Joanna Moncrieff is a member of the “critical psychiatry network” and is questioning her own profession. She argues that psychiatric drugs are not correcting a biological problem like a brain disease but they are merely psychoactive substances and work by drugging people. The analogy she uses is that if someone with social anxiety disorder is given alcohol then you may see that individual become less anxious and talkative etc. That doesn’t mean the alcohol has fixed an underlying brain illness, it means the drug has altered a state of mind which is what all psychiatric drugs do.

This theory would also explain why psychiatric drugs do slightly better than placebo in evidence based medicine. If you were to do a randomized control trial for people with social anxiety disorder and gave half the group a placebo and the other half alcohol you would probably see the alcohol doing better in the result table.

This explanation can be applied to Ritalin and ADHD too. Low levels of Ritalin make the kids calm by drugging them and not because they have low levels of dopamine in certain areas of the brain. Anyway why should kids have to sit still in class for long periods of time if they don’t want to? Compulsory education was only established in the UK during the reign of queen Victoria. Maybe some kids need a different schooling environment and not a one size fits all approach.

Link to her video:


You have no idea what your talking about. I live with sz I know first hand what the drugs do and don’t do. You’re only guessing and your wrong. Drugs don’t have to cure an illness to help someone live a better life


The drugs work by drugging you, they are not medicating an underlying illness the way insulin does for diabetes. Also these drugs might eventually cause you liver, kidney damage and other health problems. 20% of people taking them will develop Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) which is a condition where your face and/or body make sudden, jerky or slow twisting movements which you can’t control. It can develop as a side effect of medication, most commonly [antipsychotic drugs]

  • Tardive’ means delayed or appearing late (because it usually only develops after you’ve been taking medication for at least a few months and sometimes years).
  • Dyskinesia’ means abnormal or unusual movements.

Awareness of TD has improved over the years, but unfortunately doctors don’t always remember to tell people about this risk when they prescribe antipsychotics.


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Yeah so what, those side effects are nothing compared to what the illness does to your mind. Who really cares if it cures you or not. You write a lot but you don’t understand how medicine works

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Anti psychotics block dopamine receptors. They found by doing this it can alleviate the hallucinations and delusions. There’s no mystery. The drugs are prescribed because they have a chance of working. Different drugs work for different people and others do not. They have side effects, but unmedicated sz is far worse.

They don’t know the cause but it run in families. There’s no test for it. Maybe some day there will be but that doesn’t matter. We got to do the best we can with what we have and that’s taking anti psychotics


If you wan’t to believe the dopamine hypothesis then that’s up to you but because other people might be reading this exchange lets be honest. The drugs work by drugging you and you might be happy with that but that wasn’t good enough for me. In fact they made me feel worse, I had no energy and didn’t enjoy anything.

Your idea that the drugs make you feel better is the same logic as all previous bogus psychiatry treatments of the past, Take lobotomy for example, before the lobotomy patients were highly agitated suffering from crippling mental illness however after the lobotomy they were quiet, uncomplaining and showed little concern for their troubles. Some lobotomized patients were discharged and went on to hold down jobs and family roles. Patients wrote letters to Walter Freeman thanking him for the lobotomy and improving their lives. It was only with time that this treatment was seen as inhumane and barbaric.

Can you see a lobotomized patient could say what you said “We got to do the best we can with what we have and that’s having lobotomy, There’s no test for it. Maybe some day there will be but that doesn’t matter.”

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I have been taking 6mg invega for about 4 years. I don’t feel drugged up and I do feel emotions. I have low energy, but modafinil solves that problem. I also take depakote, Ativan, and a supplement called amyloban that is amazing.

The key is to find a drug that works with the best side effect profile you can find. Some people will say that if the side effects are bothering you too much to just try another ap till you get the right one.

There are also new classes of drugs in development that do not act in dopamine and do not have side effects like the current ones do. Some will be stand alone therapies and others will be used as adjunct.

Don’t give up


As a mom of a son with bipolar 1 with periods of psychotic symptoms for the past 10 years, I’ve seen it all. Fully medicated doesn’t mean cured or well and side effects cause bodily harm. My son ended up with type I diabetes at 25 yrs. No doctor can explain that. Therapy is another money pit with little benefit. Best results have come from proper diet free of processed foods, regular sleep and as little medication as possible. Best advice, find a doctor or nurse practitioner who will work with you.

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You guys are nuts. Lithium saved my life. I have BP too and it is a different animal from sz so don’t try to compare them.

And yes fully medicated does not mean cured! It’s the best option they have.

Being off meds would ruin my life


For those that don’t know I was a hedge fund controller before sz. That’s one step down from cfo in the ivory tower of the hedge fund world. I worked for hedge funds worth hundreds of millions and billions of dollars. I’ve managed 13 people over 3 continents. I was bipolar.

Then I got sz, got fired and couldn’t work. I talked into the radiator all day and night. Then I got medicated. The voices went away any paranoia went away. I can’t work a job. I get thru every day one by one.

But I know the mental torture and hell I went thru with positive symptoms and I don’t want them back. Some voices I would like to talk to again though.

It’s a bad disease. It takes away all you ever had and all your’re gonna be


I just wanted to throw out there for those who don’t know and might be misled:
Freud was a hack and is discredited by the modern psychological community.
It’s confusing because he is the first “psychologist” many of us learned about and one of the most famous.
But he was a hack, his theories have been disproven in a ton of research articles and his ideas have no actual basis in legitimate psycholigy or practical experience.

Further, anti-med opinions are always contingent upon the presence of overwhelming side effects. Which clearly is not how the medication is intended to work and definitely not the kind of reaction -most- patients experience. Because the FDA and formally endorsed drug trials are reliable methods of developing legitimate drugs to help treat legitimate problems.

Ask the thousands of kids suffering from “eradicated” illnesses like polio and tuberculosis how anti-vaccine theories worked out for their health.


I think your problem is you’ve accepted our unequal, exploitative, highly stressful capitalist environment as normal and that’s part of the problem. My video about how psychiatry is used to uphold our capitalist environment might shed some light link:

Its not a disease, its never been proven to be a disease as my video explains. I don’t mean to upset you but you’re never going to get better with that mind set. You have to fight for your mental health so you can maybe reduce your med’s and come off them slowly but that’s only if you try to figure out what affects your mental health.

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I watched parts of your video. I agree with capitalism and the power of the invisible hand to determine market prices.

You seem to deny the actuality of mental illness and put the blame on society, but I disagree. I’ve had depression, BP (mania) and sz. I lived in Manhattan for 14 years in a stressful environment and thrived despite my shortcomings.

Blaming someone else for your problems is a fruitless road to go down. I don’t think your proposed changes to society would help.

Back in WW2 people went off to fight and came back and built their communities back up from the rubble. They didn’t complain. Everyone is so coddled today that when they do meet the realities of life they can’t handle it.

Nevertheless MI is real and does effect people and medication helps to deal with the issues people have.


I don’t deny the “actuality of mental illness” because I experienced severe mental illness myself. The difference is that I made a full recovery so the road I went down is far from fruitless. The road you are going down is fruitless because you haven’t made a full recovery. You’re not going to get better by waiting for a magic pill and putting your faith in psychiatry that’s for sure

I think mental illness is a multifaceted reaction to the social environment so its not just one thing but a combination of things making you ill. This specific thread was about advice for overcoming feelings of sexual conflict which some men might be experiencing. But there are many things which affect mental health including the social environment, poverty, smoking, drinking, emotional and physical abuse, stress, lack of sleep, being sent to a war zone and the list goes on.

I don’t blame society for all of my problems but for some of them I do, for example being used in the work place for profit. I’m not a Marxist but even he was aware that the work environment can cause feelings of alienation in the laborer. Link:

I do blame myself and take responsibility for some things like smoking marijuana and cigarettes. When I noticed these drugs were affecting my mental health in a bad way I took responsibility and stopped smoking.

Lastly I’m a pacifist, I don’t believe in war. There were conscientious objectors during the world wars but the media doesn’t like to glorify them. Maybe PTSD is a natural reaction for some people when they go to war, I don’t think going to war should be seen as natural and normal.

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I will agree with a broad range of things you said agree that stress and drugs can contribute to mental illness. What were you diagnosed with that you overcame?


It was a combination of schizophrenic tendencies and bipolar. My illness was so severe I was given psycho surgery because the medication was unable to sedate me. I only got better when I started to question the diagnosis and I noticed all the different doctors I saw were saying something different.
After my psycho surgery I went to see a neuro psychologist and I was expecting to talk about how neurological damage affects behaviour. Instead she put my CAT scan to one side and wanted to discuss childhood trauma when I had perfectly normal childhood lol.
If your interested my short essay explains what happened lol link: