Sister suffering from Schizophrenia?


This is about my 18 year old sister. She claims that she can talk to nature,apparently nature gives her signals of some sort. I know a lot of people feel a connection to nature, but I think it’s slightly different in her case. Also, she thinks there’s someone who gives her instructions, I’m not so sure about this one, as in in what form she gets the message and all.

Could she be suffering from schizophrenia? She’s active in her daily life, and although she’s not a social butterfly she does go out and interacts with people. Please advise.


sometimes it quite hard to tell because people can hide things really well but from what you have said about things some of what you described could be considered symptoms of a mental illness.

i cant really advise you what to do but just try to support her and encourage her to get help if you can before it gets out of hand because sometimes these things can get worse and she could end up having a psychotic break :frowning:


My advice would be to go and see a qualified psychiatrist. No one here can diagnose your sister, nor should they even attempt. It could be many things happening here. Good luck to you and your sister.
Oh yeah, if it were a SZ diagnosis, there is hope and medications and therapies for her - catching it in time helps


That’s good advice from Wave and daydreamer.


You may find some useful information here:

It sounds like there is something going on so getting a diagnoses from a professional would be a good first step.



It certainly sounds like it might be the early phases of schizophrenia - but if it doesn’t impact how she functions in life (has she changed significantly over the past few years?) then it might not be an issues. I recommend you read this:

and also other people’s experiences with the early phases of schizophrenia: