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Skizo Sister consumed with envy

My sister is consumed with envy against me and my other siblings because she never got a degree, despite not being academic. Her talents lie in other areas. I’m not sure if it’s because of her “Illness” but her envy is unbearable. Any new or good thing that happens to me she takes an emotinal tantrum over.

I don’t know how to deal with this side of her character, especially because she has attacked me before when I’ve stood up to her. Does anyone have any ideas on how to repel or stand up for yourself to someone who is mad?


go for a drive or a walk, simply ignore it or fully agree that she is right go about your day, takes two to fight…


Thanks GSSP. Your advice helps. xx

I think it must be a symptom of the illness. My daughter, who is half my age, is jealous/envious of me and my old self! Its so hard to deal with, because I find myself trying to put myself down so she doesnt feel envious. And mind you, Im not a glamorous person! Im old and I look as tired as I feel. I just dont know know anymore man, wha’s next…Im exhausted.

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Thanks GSSP,
I wish I could be as cool and calm as you seem. Perhaps that just comes with time and experience.

Hi Gillchan,
Do you have any idea why your daughter would be envious of you?

I do the same, putting myself down, and I sound like you, ie not glamourous, look tired etc. Do you think it’s just greed and selfishness showing as envy until it consumes them and they go mental over it? Or is it “just” a symptom? I wonder…

My mother who has schizophrenia was so jealous of me when I was a child and teen that it made her hate me. I think the jealousy might be part of schizophrenia, but I don’t know.

Hi, my little brother has schizophrenia and from what I’ve experienced I feel like it can definitely enhance jealousy. When he has an episode he thinks everyone has more than him and he doesn’t understand it’s because we work. Thats part of the illness though. Not having a grasp on reality and sadly I feel like it Enhances the bad traits of someone. Keep in mind your sister is suffering too because she really believes what she is thinking is right. It’s hard and I am still learning how to interact with my brother and have not always been patient; but I try to remember when he is irrationally mad that he is not doing it for fun and he is suffering. Is your sister ever lucid? Like is there times where she is kinda herself and says sorry for the way she acted? Is she medicated?

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Oh my good GOD, OWljulie, I think that envy is part of this disorder as well. I’m glad you said that. Welcome to the forum. xxx

It’s hard to tell. SHe’s lucid most of the time, thehn it changes very quickly, but it’s usually when she doesnt get her own way which is waht makes me think she knows what she’s doing. Yes, she’s medicated but still refuses to take correcct dose because she’s afraid of putting on weight.

Jealous and possessive… to an extent of irrational believe. Yup. I’ve lived with those too for years… I haven’t honestly found an effective way to mitigate those delusions/fits. I talk slowly and calmly but not in a patronizing way. More matter-of-fact. Look em directly in the eyes and try to smile with mine… not sure I’m helping or provoking but… occasionally it saves me.

I’ve been looking at a guy called Richard Grannon on Youtube. He deals a lot with narcicisstic behaviour and how to deal with it. It helps me.

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