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Small rant about verbal communication

I am sure everyone can relate when you’re talking about something simple such as “when are you going to the grocery store?” and your loved one replies with something along the lines of “grocery store? What about it” and this goes back and forth until you’ve recalled the entire conversation that you already had an hour ago for them. 3+ times.

It’s one of those things that you don’t mind most of the time, but when you’re irritable it’s tempting to want to just walk away from them mid “conversation” lol.

Another thing that drives me crazy is talking about something a friend said in the presence of both of us, only for him to bring an insignificant (and often misquoted) portion of the conversation up later, in the most irrelevant way possible. Or mixing up the plot of like 4 different movies at once when talking about films, stuff like that. I know, I know. This is common. But if it don’t drive me up the wall :sweat_smile:

Verbal communications have become so rare between my son and myself - I feel like I have won a trophy when we exchange texts that make sense and aren’t about a delusion.

The trickiest verbal conversations years ago was his muttering/word salad days. He would think he had said something that made sense and he had not.

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