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Small victory for my daughter


I feel so proud of my daughter… both of my daughters were involved in a school play… a dinner theater murder mystery. My youngest daughter was a server for the dinner, but was also a server in the play with two lines. My MI daughter had worked on the scenery and was in charge of lighting. She was feeling a little anxious about the lighting at first, but she decided to she would make the best of it and did a great job with it. I will take any small victory whenever they come!



That’s great!! Congratulations to them both. Theater is such a wonderful creative outlet. :blue_heart:

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We gave both of our daughters a small bouquet of flowers after the final night of the play. Pink carnations for one and purple for the other.



How wonderful! Yes, the kids in plays/shows in my past always got flowers at the end of the last show. I’m so glad you did that for your daughters. Your post made me smile. It’s a big victory that they did the show!

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this is what makes all of us have hope. thanks for sharing.



Also this weekend we painted the bedroom of my youngest daughter… one step closer to putting our house on the market so we can move… it was stressful for Allie (our MI daughter) at times, mainly because she had forgotten her anxiety meds in the morning… once she took it, she was better. but once again, she made the best of it and pushed forward and we got it done… we worked in shifts… so that Allie could take breaks… at one point my youngest daughter just decided she wanted to finish it on our own… so Allie and I went out to buy dinner. Another moment we are proud of our girls!



That’s great! I believe I’ve mentioned theatre and voice work was a huge part of my recovery. I found the practice and repetition of theatre helpful in gaining confidence and allowed me to forgive myself of my mistakes, because there’s always another show and most shows contain little (and sometimes big) mistakes that audiences rarely notice, since they don’t have a script in front of them. Most actors and ‘techies’ make them— true talent is not just being prepared, but being confident that you can handle and cover when things go wrong.

It’s a powerful metaphor for recovery. Things are sometimes going to go wrong: you get anxious because you can’t remember if you took your meds or something throws you like an irritating noise or person with a toxic attitude or what have you. Yet through practice and gradual increased exposure, you become more confident and learn what does and doesn’t work for you, and your ‘show’ goes on.

I’d encourage anyone in recovery to get involved with theatre or other arts, as some roles go begging and as the saying goes: “80% of life is showing up”

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