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So now I think I might be sz too!


As I learn more about this disease and dig deeper into its origins, I’m coming to the conclusion that I might be sz too. Or BPD. Anyone else ever feel this way?


Stop reading the internet now:)

A mental illness diagnosis comes from a doctor.

Maybe the empathy you feel is very strong.


You’re right! But I don’t just believe everything! However I have been diagnosed with depression and ptsd. I have the book called Stop Walking On Eggshells for bpd and in reading through it and taking some of the quizzes, I’ve had memory recalls of my life and could answer yes to the majority of all questionnaires. As soon as I can afford to I’m going to set up appointment with my psychologist and talk with him about it.

And yes I guess it could also be empathy for my son! I have been blessed with the gift of empathy and most times it’s to my detriment!


@Sheyelo all the time! which is why I am in therapy and my therapist assures me I am not, I do have PTSD symptoms which I am working on regularly, but I am not sz or bpd…always get a professional opinion when those feelings over take you. :slight_smile:


When I was young, I was diagnosed with “mild schizophrenia.” That diagnosis was changed to PTSD with dissociative features about fifteen years ago.

They’re really different, but there is overlap.


Get to a professional that can answer your questions; I think the responses below are right on — it’s hard to not think we have it or how did our children inherit it. The guilt with that feeling is paralyzing but you can get through it - we did. What beliefs would benefit your loved one? Empathy — yes, so you’re in great shape. Next strength? Hugs