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Social security - anyone here been denied based on your youth?


Have any of you been denied disability based on your youth


Yes—my son was…he was 21 at the time. However, regardless of the reason, it is standard practice with Social Security to deny once, mostly because they are so backlogged. Truth is that if you get a Social Security attorney, (and providing you have sufficient doctor’s and hospital records) you will certainly win your case regardless of age. It is not fair that it works like that but it does. Fortunately the SS Attys work on contingency basis and ask for no money up front, and if they don’t win, they don’t get paid. The pay is about 27% of whatever past due monies your child would have coming to them. If they have no past due monies due then, again, the atty will be paid zero even when he wins the case. Some people have good luck and can manage the whole thing on their own but in my experience that is rare. I highly recommend getting a SS Atty to do all of the footwork for you. Good Luck.


My grandson just got denied at the ALJ level. No hope no benefits not sure where to go from here. Lawyer says to take it to the Federal level that we had a bad judge.


Is your attorney specialized in social security cases? that makes a difference.


What is the ALJ level?


Administrative Law Judge =ALJ


Yes she is and she was referred to me by a few people. I just found out yesterday I am still a little shocked