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Something always wrong

My partner has something different going on everyday.Hes taken himself to a&e numerous times from having a heart attack,broken neck etc only to be told hes fine.His one at the moment is he got into a fight 12 yrs ago and dislocated his neck and now his neck bone has pierced the inside of his throat,hes even had me stick my fingers down his throat to feel.Sounds ridiculous but what do you say to that without upsetting him?

I was thinking about reassuring things that you can say but based on past experience with my son that can backfire. Telling him that if the neck bone was piercing his throat then he wouldn’t be able to swallow could turn into him feeling like he can’t swallow which could cause more problems.

Maybe try to reassure him that after 12 years it may have healed itself and that what he is feeling is more of a memory pain then physical pain. That way his feelings or pain is being acknowledged.

I landed on my head once and had extreme difficulty breathing. Of course others immediately thought that there was no damage at all and that I was complaining about nothing. However, years later when I saw a chiropractor due to having neck problems, he sent me to have X-rays taken and the first thing he said concerning the x-rays was that he had never seen anything like it before, and that the first vertebra just below the skull had been partially pushed upward into the skull.

So the others were partially correct, they said it was all in my head, but in truth it was only partially in my head(skull) LOL.

It was not until 35 years later that I had managed to adapt to this abnormally. That’s right, 35 years of neck pain.

Then there was the time that I had not seen a dentist for over 10 years but was now having jaw pains, cheekbone pains, ear aches, and head aches. My guess was that it was a nasty case of severely impacted wisdom teeth. But before finding myself a new dentist I checked with my GP. He basically said that it was all in my head and that he did not think that there was anything wrong at all. So I contacted my brother who had a close friend that he met at university who had become a dentist, thus it was someone that I could trust. After taking the x-rays he said, " these aren’t severely impacted wisdom teeth, …These are text book classics.", meaning they were the worst severely impacted wisdom teeth that he had ever seen and said that they would have to be removed at a hospital due to their severity.

Thus the GP doctor said it was all in my head, but the x-rays said otherwise.

Six months after having the wisdom teeth removed, the same like symptoms reappeared. So off the GP I went again while thinking that there had developed infections in the pockets where each wisdom tooth used to be, the pockets that had not completely closed as of yet.

But my GP was called away on an emergency, so they sent me to another doctor in the same building one floor down. I began telling him what was going on and before having completed the description he said, "Enough…enough…What you are sir is a hypochondriac…there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I left his office.

And so I set up an appointment with the surgeon who performed the operation. I stated the exact same words to him as did I to the GP. But he was listening and saying things like " Ah…yes…yes…yes.". He then said open your mouth and reached in with one finger, squeezed the gum in the area where one wisdom tooth used to sit, and then pulled out his finger with a big lump of white puss on it. “There is your problem.”, he said, " You have a nasty infection and it appears to have spread to all 4 places.

Thus the GP said it was all in my head, but the big lump of puss said otherwise.

Then there was the time that I was is car accident. This caused one vertebrae in my mid back region to be twisted and pulled outward. At the hospital they left me in the hallway for 9 agonizing hours before I was attended to. I could not yell for help since even breathing tiny breaths was agonizing enough. Eventually they took me to the x-ray room and finished with the x-rays. Later on the doctor came by to see me when I was back on the stretcher in the hallway and said, " Theres nothing wrong with you, so were are checking you out of the hospital." Nothing I said could change his mind.

I was dumped out of the hospital, right then and there.

Later I saw a chiropractor just across the street from where I lived. He said that this is nothing new to him. He also had other patients with the same problem, the problem being that the x-rays at the hospital had been mixed up and thus the doctor was looking at the wrong bloody x-ray images.

Only after 4 years of walking on my treadmill did i manage to strengthen my back muscles enough to stop that particular vertebrae from slipping out of alignment over and over and over again.

Question…Do you think I like doctors ?

I guess you probably don’t no!
Not the case with my partner though,hes had x rays on his neck on more than one occasion and been to a&e 3 times and been seen by different doctors and 2 different gp’s and they all say the same,and im pretty sure if his neck bone had gone through his throat he’d have some serious problems.
What I was asking is if there was anyone else who cares for anyone with schizophrenia the best way to reassure them with these kinds of things.As ive tried and half the time it gets turned around on me not caring or trying to cause him harm!