Son hospitalized today


I am so glad this group is here.
I just want to write this since I don’t have too many people who get it.
My son has been isolating more and more all summer. He started high school last week and I think the stress was too much.The short version is he put his foot through a window pane, texted that he was going to cut me, also
Put hs foot through another window and ended up in the psych ER.

Now he is in an adolescent behavioral unit. I am so tired and confused.

He says he doesn’t know what is wrong with himself. He is obsessed with finding a girl he knew in 3rd grade and only she could make him happy again. I don’t even recignize the name. Luckily she is in TX and we are in NY.

His new pdoc added in Adderall last year. It was only 10 mg., but things started getting weird, then he put him on Wellbutrin, and that may have made it worse.
I hope this hospitalization will help figure out what is going on! He is only 14 and has been through too much of this.

Thank you for listening!


Hummingbird, it’s so hard and frightening and sad to see our children in such an awful state. We all understand. We are listening. You’re not alone.

I hope your boy will be in a better and safer state soon. Good luck to you all.


Thank you. This forum is a good place to realize so many of us are out here.


Will be thinking of you. I hope you can at least get some relief knowing he is somewhere safe and getting the care that he needs. Stay strong and keep us posted. hugs


That must be really hard to live through!
Even harder to witness your son struggle so much!

14 is a tough age for anyone. But you were definitely right in getting him psychological help, his reasoning doesn’t seem very rational. -He- may not understand his rationalizations or his actions himself, and that is probably really scary for him.

Keep encouraging him to be honest with his doctors. He needs to help them so that they can help him.


I hope things get better for your son, and that the right meds are found for him.


Thank you for the encouraging replies!

He is so much calmer in the hospital. They are putting him back on Depakote, which worked well for him in the past. His new pdoc (at home)took him off mood-stabilizers, which seemed like a mistake to me.
The hospital psychiatrist is confused because he tells her conflicting things. Welcome to my world!:slight_smile:

Looking back, this has been building up for a while. He tweeted crazy insulting things to Donald Trump, and asked to be deported to Canada. He has online friends in Canada. I wonder if we are on some kind of watch list now!

Thanks again…trying to stay oositive. At least we are getting new input in medication.


I assure you that you and your family are not on a watch list for voicing opinions, no matter what political alignment they fall under. If not for the moral implications alone, then for the sheer volume of information on the internet. There is nobody sifting through massive amounts of data just to find criticism. There are things like hurricanes, war and trade negotiations to keep officials too busy for the next thousand years.

Glad he seems to be doing better. Also glad you seem to have some more peace of mind for yourself.
The contradictions and inconsistency aren’t at all rare for someone in hospitalization. Likely, there are things he is either embarrassed to talk about and also things that haven’t occured to him internally. The same difficulty we all would have when asked to describe ourselves.

Don’t beat yourself up over hindsight. We all certainly have learned many lessons about Sz / SzA from hindsight and most of those lessons would have been much more helpful in advance.
You honestly care and honestly try.
That’s all that matters.


Now that you mention it, you are right that there are a lot bigger things going on than a troubled 14 year old trying to goad the president into deporting him to Canada.


What is your son’s diagnosis? Really sorry you are all suffering. I have dealt with a lot of psychiatrists over the past 22 years and am sorry to say I don’t have a lot of confidence in them. I hope the docs can find the right combination of meds so your son won’t suffer anymore. I will say prayers for you.


Have you looked into NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) support groups? There is also a NAMI-Basics educational class offered in some places for families who have an under age 18 child with mental illness. Go to or

I also know of a teenager with a SZ diagnosis who has learned to better recognize which voices are real and which are not. CBT therapy is one method to learn that skill to help manage one’s illness. I know this is hard. This Forum is a place to learn from others experiences, to vent, and to obtain encouragement.


He has had a few diagnoses, but I ended up on this forum because of what they called “Psychosis NOS”.

When he was younger he said he heard a voice telling him to do bad things. Now he denies it, but last spring when he was put on Wellbutrin he told me he saw “figures” in the corner of his eyes. He will only tell the psychiatrist that he is depressed, and says he just heard voices a couple of years.
He doesn’t want the pdoc to ever lower his Geodon, and he is very pro-medication, so in that way I feel incredibly lucky.
I visited him yesterday and he seemed pretty good. Fingers crossed!