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Spiky profiles 2017

Does any of your diagnosed children have a spiky profile? Ie verbal intelligence significantly greater than non-verbal/performance IQ or vice versa ?

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My family member had a well-rounded, even profile that became spikey after the illness began. I will try and find the documents to see which realms are affected most.

Yes my son definitely has.

Firemonkey, They thought our son was a genius in the third grade when he dictated a letter to the President asking him to please find out what type of chemicals sad an had before sending in our troops. He also invented something to go inside the caves ahead of our soldiers in the fourth grade out of wood. He was not a genius but he was always creating things with his hands.
In 4th grade the difference between intellect and verbal was so drastically recognized than his output that he had an EP all through school from there on in written expression. He also stuttered in kindergarten and had help with speech for for years. Why do you ask?

Curiosity. Although no longer dxed with sz/sz-a(now paranoid PD) I am on risperdal consta for supposedly psychotic symptoms. My verbal intelligence(high/very high) is much higher than my non-verbal(low/very low).

Here is a non-verbal test I did on the Mensa-Romania site.

Conform testului,IQ-ul dvs este estimate la ati obtinut un score mai mic decit poate masura acest test
According to the test,Your IQ is estimated to have achieved a score lower than this test can measure

Mai putin de 5% din populatie atinge acest rezultat. IQ-ul dvs este sub 75
Less than 5% of the population reaches this result. Your IQ is below 75

Conform testului, IQ-ul dvs. este estimat la 75.
According to the test, your IQ is estimated at 75.

Rezultatul corespunde unui scor procentual de 5, adica 5% din popula?ie are un IQ mai mic de 75.
The result corresponds to a percentage score of 5, ie 5% of the population has an IQ of less than 75.

That is a fairly normal non-verbal score for me.

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Do you think your profile is affected by the illness you are being treated for?

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As I have always has those cognitive weaknesses I wouldn’t say so, or at least not much. I also have executive functioning difficulties and a slowish processing speed. I do wonder whether the medication makes the processing speed even slower.